Bangkok is a gigantic park

Bangkok is one gigantic park - wonderful Google Maps - just when I am moving jobs there...

Oh no it isn't - do you believe everything on your phones?

Some people don't stop looking... 

(Sorry this was a video of a person on a phone walking into a water fountain)

Some power banks can't fly...

Well I was a little confused when I saw this bin at Bangkok Airport - are they stopping the power bank from flying?

Then I found this one - do you know what capacity your charger is?

Jamie in Phuket and 2016

Congratulations to Jamie and his writing to be in the Phuket News.

Hope that you are in there for 2017 as well. 

We look forward to meeting you at The Beach Bar.

A bicycle ride with the family

All of us have a bicycle now so we took the opportunity to take a ride together in the morning.

We cycled to Sapan Hin.

We then cycled around the busy park and market.

Then we stopped for a drink - not sure if this was appropriate or particularly safe?

Then it was time for breakfast...

and on the way home a stop to see an Alex Face painting.

Cooking Thai Delicacies

You want to know how they make that do you?

Not all the Cookery Course will show you how to do this!

90 Day Visa check

A regular visit that I have to make to the Phuket Immigration Office. Things change each time I go and there are some pieces of paper which I must fill in but it is running smoothly. I remember my papers and always wai before I sit down.

Then I saw the sign above and wondered where I had seen something similar and it is to some of the Temples for respect. Which I entirely understand and this is a Government building so I would assume that you would also dress correctly.

Then a guy walks up to someone else for a pen and he has no shoes on and is wearing a dirty vest - no comment.

Transport in Thailand

Found this on a site - Thai Visa.

This could be many places in Thailand BUT it is a little packed...

Out on a canoe and Facebook Live

So I decided to try Facebook Live but this time in a canoe. I was certainly worried about the telephone and hung it around my neck.

So it was great exercise for me and fun but oh my I didn't think watching the video on Instagram would make me feel so ill!

Then watching it again made me feel ill so I deleted it...

It did remind me of the trip down the Chao Phraya River that I took with John Gray dressed as Santa Claus one year though...

Feeding the fish bread returns...

image courtesy of Coconuts Bangkok

After a post regarding a trip we took to Koh Yai Noi in 2014 and being warned not to feed fish the subject resurface recently.

A Russian woman - indicated above - could be fined 100,000 Baht for feeding fish some bread whilst she was visiting Koh Racha Yai.

On Jan. 25, a Chinese tourist was arrested for poaching parrotfish at Koh Racha Yai the previous day. He was fined THB100,000 for his actions

Then I saw this...