A trip to Amphawa

The trip was with my family on a recent weekend - we saw a great many things on the way. 

Here's the Erawan Museum - look like it needs a clean...

We liked the Angry Birds mud guards

We forgot to buy some salt on the way...

Over the Kanchanaphisek Bridge and out to Amphawa.

Our first stop was at the Maeklong Market - getting a bubble tea but we were not at the right time for a train.

So we walked along the train lines 

and were able to see how the tables were rolled.

Found somewhere for lunch at Amphawa Floating Market (ลาบแซ่บ อัมพวา สาขา 2).

Then a temple - Wat Bang Kung - wonderful - happy to have missed the big buses arriving as we left.

Then we found somewhere special to stay - ชาญธารารีสอร์ท - Chantara Resort. Then we returned to the Amphawa Floating Market for dinner - we had it adjacent to the water and went shopping later.

We did not have the crocodile though...

The next morning we waited for the monk to come paddling in his boat along the adjacent  river.

And we gave our offerings.

Then it was time to buy some fruit from a passing boat - truly wonderful.

Then our trip continued - the first stop was at the Nativity of Our Lady Cathedral - very nice and adjacent to a school.

Then we stopped for coffee, ice-cream and roti at Bamboo Coffee Parlour - very tasty homemade ice-cream AND we forgot a phone and they looked after it - thank you very much.

On the drive we came across three men on their motorbikes carrying very long bamboo with knives at the end - instead of a monkey - not easy to travel though...

Then we stopped at Wat Sukharam Worawihan - where you could feed the fish next the canal and give an offering at the temple - walking to the very top...

The next stop was over the train tracks and was undergoing some renovation - so you could not see everything - Wat Lang Sang Prasit (วัดหลังศาลประสิทธิ์). 

After this there was a quick stop at a Chinese Shrine - Phra Prothisat Kuan Im Park (อุทยานพระโพธิสัตว์กวนอิม)

Back over the bridge to Bangkok and lunch at the local Sammakorn Market.

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