A trip to Nakhon Nayok

We took a trip to Nakhon Nayok and saw a number of different things and going to a multitude of different places - not all of them I remembered.

We saw things from the car but we were not sure where we were...

Our first stop was at Suan Pa Inn Coffee Shop - great desserts and coffee and they sold plants outside.

Then there was a visit to Wat Sanititham...

Then the Buddhist Memorial Park / พุทธอุทยานมาฆบูชาอนุสรณ์ สวนพุทธชยันตี (ทางเข้า) - quite spectacular actually.

Then we popped quickly into Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam and we returned the next day to take a boat trip.

Time for some lunch and we chose to have it at the bottom of Nang Rong Waterfall - a nice spot. 

Then we found somewhere to stay - Reindeer Park Resort - all about reindeers And Christmas.

The next morning we were out into the water - visiting waterfalls

On returning I noticed that the water area was really quite small on Google...

Is there a Nazi insignia on the life jacket?

On the way home we stopped at a Rice Field - สะพานทุ่งนามุ้ย - quite lovely really - certainly worth the stop.

A shame rubbish was left discarded...

Then we found a wonderful white temple วัดธรรมปัญญา (Wat Thampanya) 

where there was also a Chinese Temple adjacent to it - there would be more photographs if I did not get a little too close to the dogs...

Lunch was at the Montreux Cafe and Farm - very nice.

Drove past a restaurant in the boat

and a lot more fields of rice

and field mice for sale by the side of the road - interested?

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