How's the water from the tap in Thailand?


FaucetSafe is a worldwide guide on where you can and shouldn’t drink the local tap water, that is updated in realtime. The information is compiled from multiple sources and FaucetSafe also has a comment system where locals and travelers alike can add further detail. Water potability often varies in small geographic areas (e.g. within cities) so FaucetSafe is designed to be a guide to where you can and can’t drink the water – both to save you costs as well as reduce the amount of plastic consumed by every traveler (in the form of water bottles). The information contained in FaucetSafe works offline and is updated with the latest water drinkability information when you have an Internet connection.

This is simply an App to tell you what you may already know - I cannot speak for the level of understanding across the other countries outside of Thailand though

Cost: $1.99
Ease of use: simple
Comment: don't drink the tap water in Thailand

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