3 days in Luang Prabang - day 2

We were up very early for the monks walking along the road outside Dennie's Guest House - at 5am!!! We were eagerly received by a local lady and her child and we purchased some sticky rice...

Then the monks arrived and received the sticky rice from us.

After the offerings were made I searched for a local coffee - but there were not any open (only Western places). So returning back we visited the Zurich Bread Cafe and RestaurantThen into a Van and a Day trip.

First we stopped where there were the local people weaving and making paper - at the Xangkhongposa Weaving and Paperhandcraft Village.

After this it was the Ban Xanghai: Liquor and Silk Village - this stuff was supposed to help a man and his personal bits (well the jar with the snakes in).

Then the highlight of the trip was the Park Ou Caves. A wonderful cave which we reached in a local boat and then climbed the stairs into an area full of Buddhist statues. 

We also walked up to another enclosure - a truly amazing place to be found. 

But it was full of children who wanted money from us.

We also released a bird.

Then it was time to visited the Bear Rescue Centre which was a very good idea

and the Kouang Si Waterfall where there were a plethora of tourists who did spoil the area.

Lovely if it was peaceful. 
Then lunch at Carpe Diem - a French Restaurant nearby - it was very nice.

There was a Butterfly Farm nearby where my wife daughter visited and I had a cup of green tea and waited for them. Back into the van - stopping at a Cafe Amazon for an iced coffee and where we could see the airport.

Then back to Dennie's Guest House - stopping off to look into some shops 

- Ock Pop Top was very nice but expensive. After a shower we had a wander and found a restaurant serving local food - Khaiphaen

I had the sausages which were okay but not spicy enough and Chuen had the crispy pork and pumpkin which was delicious...

Then off to the Night Market - with an enormous amount of things - but not unlike many local markets in Thailand.

Apart from things made from the bombs of the 'secret war'.

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