A trip to Samut Prakan

The car arrived from Phuket so we decided to take a road trip - to Samut Prakan. This was great because from our home it was essentially a straight line and this was using Google Maps - a more impressive App every day...

It was basically a straight line! But there were a number of things on the side of the road - we didn't stop this time. 

Then we saw a small building on the side of the road before we visited Ancient City - but on going down the dirt road we cam upon something so much more than we expected.

It was ศาลเจ้าเสียนหลอไต้เทียนกง สมุทรปราการ OR ศาลเจ้าไต้เทียนกง and it was also stunning.

It was certainly a beautiful place to wander about it.

There were a number of different building top enter.

And the details on the ceilings was certainly impressive. But I could find very little information about it...

But on writing this I found this - beautiful - maybe I should have persevered with learning the drone? 

Then it was time for lunch - ครัวแม่คูซีน - Mae Cuisine Cafe and Restaurant - found very little info (in English) - but great position.

Then it was time to visit Ancient Siam - the Gateway to Thailand's Cultural Heritage. This was certainly impressive.

A great many places to visit.

Looking at all of the places to visit I felt that I wanted to make a list...

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