Phuket Street Show - 17th December

Looking forward to the Phuket Street Show - Old Phuket Town is always worth a visit AND when there is a festival doubly so.

Lots of things are happening.

See you there.

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Long Live the King

Birthday wishes to King Bhumibol Adulyadej, 83 years old, the worlds longest reigning monarch...   

I joined my family in Phuket Town for a ceremony to celebrate this special day where gifts were given to the monks.

Photographs of the event
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Phuket News ++: November 2010

Where do I start?
November is the time when all the prices start to go up - well traditionally, I am getting more and more Thai everyday - sometimes not even needing my passport to get a Thai price... but i think that our lovely Jemma with a Thai hello and a Wai swings it!

Air Asia flies to Bali from December the 17th - just the time when I am too busy for anything but going to work 

Phuket taxis going to get a meter and call centre - heard this before...

Phuket land dispute stalls sea gypsy culture center project - not surprised

Glad that I wasn't at this restaurant to write a review for my blog and concierge - bizzare murder and suicide in Phuket Restaurant - solved!

Full tsunami evacuation drill on the 24th - Merry Christmas

Thai spouses applying for visas to join or marry British partners in the UK now have to pass an English language test that is unavailable in Phuket - I am glad that there is not one for Phuket!  Whoops - incorrect I am married to my wife... would that mean that you would not have to pass the test if you were married?

The Thai authorities have lost Thaksin - surprised - apparently Norway or the Lebanon?

Then i read on the forum - And people wonder why Thailand attracts so many 'undesirable' foriegners.If they can't even track down Taksin this sends a crystal clear message around that globe that the authorities are unable to find their own backsides with a map so any foreign fuguitive will be perfectly safe here. 

Additional 1,000 dead foetuses found at Temple in Bangkok - 
Now this story is disturbing for what it is and for why this happens

Then i read on the forum - Abortion (because I want one) is illegal in Thailand. But abortion (because I am threatening to harm myself if I have an unwanted baby) is legal in Thailand. It is legal for a woman to have an abortion in Thailand if the continuation of the pregnancy would harm the mother. 

Is this correct?
The situation is disturbing...

And then I read that they are building a Meditation Centre on top of the morgue site! So have they dealt with the issue which led to this situation existing?
NO - this is Thailand, turn the page and indicate that the issue has been dealt with, this may work for a number of issues but not this issue - the issue of legalizing abortions MUST be addressed.

And then I read on the forum - Surely the money would be better spent on education and free contraceptives. Overhauling the abortion laws also.
It's a bit obvious here that there is a problem and a spanking new meditation centre won't cure it. 

Nuff said.

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A Fun Run - a conundrum?

My training for this did not go very well (see previous blog) - but what the heck I could not cop out now and I did not have a very good excuse.

I packed my bag and got the 'kit' ready the night before - all ready.

I arrived at 7:30 and immediately thought that I was at the wrong place - I saw a plethora and well muscled and toned competitors... only to find out that these were competitors for the Ironman Triathalon Event!

It was entertaining watching everything happen and then the swimmers for the Triathalon arrived at speed and they ran to their bikes - wow.  The call went up from  the DJ - we were off...

The run was 7km and I am glad that the course was not up an down hill (like the way to work) - about the distance from my home to work - it drizzled during the run but it was fun and I managed to take some photos...

The iPod was helpful to keep going and I have to admit that Robbie Williams and some trance music were the best tunes to run to.

Results are available from here. I was 133 and 40 mins 15 secs.
Tim's photos
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Loy Krathong - almost forgot

With all that is happening - weddings, more weddings and hospital visits
I nearly forgot about Loy Kratong.

We had a lot of fun at work and I was joined later by Chuen and Jemma

Happy Loy Kratong

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The Phuket Fun Run - 28th November

Started training for the Phuket Fun Run on the 28th of November.

1st Day - 55 minutes to work and NOT the hill
2nd Day - 60 minutes to work and I did NOT try the hill
3rd Day - took the bus
4th Day - my Day off

I have just read this;

The 91.5FM 6k Fun Run will be limited to runners 12 years of age and over (as of 28 November 2010) and to runners who are able to complete the entire 6k Fun Run in 50 minutes or less. All runners who reach the cut-off point after the cut-off time are required to take a shortened course. Runners will be allowed to complete the race but will not be entitled to win a medal.

I need to try a little harder!

5th Day - Hospital visit
6th Day - Hospital
7th Day - Bus to work
8th Day - Bus to work
10th Day - Bicycle to work AND the hill

11th Day - Bicycle to work AND the hill
12th Day - Bicycle to work AND the hill
13th Day - Hospital
14th Day - Hospital
16th Day - in bed
17th Day - in bed
18th Day - Bus to work
19th Day - Bus to work
20th Day - Bus to work

NOTE: not many days left for my training - do I give up?

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Do you really need to print that?

Living in Phuket I have become accustomed to the amount of paperwork that is generated - BUT there is very little that we can do regarding this.  I believe that Thailand must be one of the largest purchasers of 'copy paper'.

So please think twice when you print that document.
1) keep it for drawing paper for your family
2) if your printer can handle it use the other side
3) Paper mache is always good fun - a lesson that i enjoyed taking as a teacher was Salvador Dali in paper mache.
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The weather in Phuket - November

Well it certainly has been raining here - for approximately the last 5 days - and raining hard. So do we know what is going to happen?

Wind Guru
Wind guru isn't bad for looking at cloud cover and if you are an extreme sports addict - their report tells you nearly everything, but the intensity of this rain.

BBC weather
Well this certainly hiked up the levels of rain last night - and it is accurate - which means that this rain will continue - no golf on Friday for me.

Jamie in Phuket - Weather
An account of the weather and it's unpredictability

There are a number of webcams here are two
Marina Phuket - Karon Beach
Catch Beach Club - Surin Beach


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Beach Volleyball at Karon - 2nd Nov.

The beach volleyball ladies are here to visit - 
do you think my boss will let me visit and take some photos?

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Phuket News ++: October 2010

Halting the destruction of the very important mangrove swamps in Sapan Hin

Villagers turn up to complain about the building of the tunnel through Patong Hill - this really is a soap opera.

The Phuket Killer (as previously reported here) is somewhere in the UK but the saga continues.....

An accident late at night 'after clubbing' and the police 'opt out' of a breathalyser test? How can I do that if I am involved?

There is an expected sharp rise (100%) in visitors from India to Phuket - don't think I can conduct an Indian Wedding

Increase in bus accidents - caused by the drivers themselves - what do you expect after watching them drive?

A new building work needs 'flood prevention' - but this is why there are building law? But then there is more than one way to pass the law.

Drivers need a health check to get their Driving license - a new level of bureaucracy?
Well okay there is more paperwork (read money) but isn't it a good idea?
BUT I read that you can get one at a 7/11 - what is the real value - apart for money for somebody?

Phuket Town is justified in winning an award about their dramatic improvements.

A hotel in Bangkok refuses Blacks and Indians - pure racism - don't the hotel need the money?

A father's child is taken by his Thai wife who disappears in Thailand - and caught by an entry on facebook - looking for love.

British Embassy warns about the overstaying of your visa and here is more information.

A speed boat rides over a diver at Racha Yai (a divepoint) and dragged him for 300 metres and according to reports was angry and that the diver would pay for the damage.

Then I read that
"regulations prohibit a boat captain from driving at more than five knots within 300 metres of the shore"

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