The Phuket Fun Run - 28th November

Started training for the Phuket Fun Run on the 28th of November.

1st Day - 55 minutes to work and NOT the hill
2nd Day - 60 minutes to work and I did NOT try the hill
3rd Day - took the bus
4th Day - my Day off

I have just read this;

The 91.5FM 6k Fun Run will be limited to runners 12 years of age and over (as of 28 November 2010) and to runners who are able to complete the entire 6k Fun Run in 50 minutes or less. All runners who reach the cut-off point after the cut-off time are required to take a shortened course. Runners will be allowed to complete the race but will not be entitled to win a medal.

I need to try a little harder!

5th Day - Hospital visit
6th Day - Hospital
7th Day - Bus to work
8th Day - Bus to work
10th Day - Bicycle to work AND the hill

11th Day - Bicycle to work AND the hill
12th Day - Bicycle to work AND the hill
13th Day - Hospital
14th Day - Hospital
16th Day - in bed
17th Day - in bed
18th Day - Bus to work
19th Day - Bus to work
20th Day - Bus to work

NOTE: not many days left for my training - do I give up?

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