Looking for lunch in Bangkok

I was adamant that I was going to go out for lunch after taking the BTS somewhere - but I ended up taking the river taxi to Phanfa Bridge and then change for the boat.

At this point I turned in a direction that I had not chosen before an immediately came upon King Prajadhipok Museum which is certainly a place who is interested in the history of Thailand, review coming here.

I needed to find a coffee shop, relying on the Google App I found Eden's - a very 'in place' to visit, I was certainly the oldest person in there - had a nice coffee, review coming here  and then off again.

The next place was Wat Sommanat - but there seems to be some changes being made so I was very cautious, I was not able to walk around the whole building.

Then it was a walk to the khlong where there was a man fishing - he looked to be successful.

Then there was the man with the guitar repeatedly walking over the bridge - they were filming him on the other side...

But on the other side was this

Found two organizations whilst I was walking - the Foundation of Virtuous Youth 

Then it was time for lunch at Ratana Boutique Hostel and Cafe - very nice.

I could not have all the fried banana's being sold on the streets.

Plastic Bags...

Can you imagine how much plastic is produced for all this food...

Can you help reduce the amount of plastic that we use?

SUPPORT - Hill Tribe Fabric (3 - 16 August)

There was a display of Hill Tribe Fabric on the Ground Floor of Central Embassy and Embassy today and here are some images of what I saw.

It was really quite a beautiful selection of fabrics. 

"Explore the debut of an exquisite royal contemporary art piece along with a replica Her Majesty the Queen's work station. Plus browse through quality selections from the SUPPORT Foundation."

From reading the pamphlet that I was given I understood that you could try some on.

August - You know you have lived in Thailand when...

After moving to Bangkok I have become aware of things which are now normal to me because I live here – and subsequently a facebook site about this “You Know You've Lived In Thailand when.....” – https://www.facebook.com/groups/YouKnowYouveLivedinThailandwhen/   
so once a month I will contribute to this.

            AugustYou listen to the motorbike taxi taking an order for lunch on his telephone and think it sounds tasty and then remember where you are.

Bangkok 101 - August

Do you want to have a look at some interesting things which are happening in Bangkok and other places around Thailand?

Pick up a Bangkok 101.

Man teases bear and..

Image from KhaoSod

A recent report in KhaoSad English reports about a man teasing an Asian Bear with rice on a stick and the bear decides to tell him to stop teasing!!

More details can be found here - 

Bangkok Lunch and Wats

The short trip from the office began with a trip on the river taxi. We changed at Pratunam - review coming here - and continued to the Phanfa Bridge - there was a lot of people and the Tuk Tuk drivers outside were very happy to see them all...

Quickly I turned the corner and proceeded to the Golden Mount or 'Phu Khao Thong' - a truly wonderful piece of architecture on a low hill, apparently worth visiting during Loy Krathong - a full review will appear here.

The steps wind their way around this mountain - not sure how many steps there are though - then there were beautiful decorations...

So when there was Golden Mount coffee shop and I was quite happy to stop there for a cappuccino. Then I continued to the very top - quite a walk and it was definitely worth it. At the top it was really quite busy with tourists and local's alike - tried a Facebook live up there but it could not match it's real beauty.

Walking down the other side of the Golden Mount I was taken by how much more there was.

The vultures of the Sraket Temple was a little of a surprise I must add - 

more photographs coming on http://timinphuket-thingstodo.blogspot.com.

Then I was surprised to see people in the Khlong on paddle boards! Then I realized that they were clearing the Khlong - thank you.

Leaving the Golden Mount I walked to the front of Wat Saket - wonderful - a peaceful garden outside 

and another wonderful Wat.

Then it was time for lunch - deep fried pork and

Essan sausages.

Then it was off to another Wat Sitaram - a wonderful place.

Then it was time for another coffee at Blue Tree Coffee Bar.

And a wonderful walk back to the river taxi - thank you for a wonderful afternoon Bangkok.

# days in August

This is getting a bit over the top - I did agree with doughnut day - but I am not sure with all the rest of them. But what the heck - have some fun...