Mother's Day Weekend - off to Hua Hin

We decided to go somewhere for the weekend - we drove to Hua Hin.

We saw a few things on the way.

Stopped for something to eat.

Saw some great coaches in the parking spots.

We were staying at the Anantasila Resort - nice place with a beach just a stones throw...

Then there was a small cafe - a great little spot.

Then it was time to take mum out for dinner.

Then time for some shopping - at Cicada Market.

And of course some 'breakdancing'.

Remembering to get up early the next day we met the monks. After a leisurely breakfast we took a drive - having Pad Thai at ครัวปีกไม้ - very nice.

It was then a visit and afternoon tea at ร้านน้ำชา พระราชวังมฤคทายวัน Tea Room

A late night party and I popped out for a coffee at 1d+ Day ArtistAfter an expensive (and disappointing) breakfast we checked out.

 And drove back to Bangkok

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