Phuket Mulberry - Smoothie stop in Phuket Town

Riceberry is the place that I came to for this and it was totally by accident - I did not notice it before I decided I wanted some air-conditioning in Robinson's.

As I crossed the road I noticed that squeezed between the market stalls was a little place - lovely. I am not sure how 'authentic' the fruit was but it was a great place to stop.

Not sure about the view of watching them out out the bras though...

For reviews of restaurants and coffeeshops please visit my foodie blog.

Flowers in Phuket - Suanluang florist

Flowers in Phuket are plentiful and in Thailand they can be beautiful.

Rung market in the morning in Phuket Town (behind Robinsons) has a great many flowers to choose from and it is always interesting to visit there (see map here).

Sometimes though you want something special - for the temple for example. Now some popular Buddhist Temples (for example Wat Chalong) have people inside the grounds making these flowers for offerings.

For me though I wanted a bouquet for my beautiful wife and I always choose Suanluang Flower shop because I had my first flowers from the when my wife was only my girlfriend.

So I like to do this.

Apps for your holiday to Thailand

Just found this on Facebook - I have downloaded each one and if you are driving through Thailand they could be useful.

More Apps for visiting Thailand can be read here.

Thai Coach travel + U.S.A Tube travel

So what do these two things have in common with each other?

I received both on Tweets which I follow - I don't usually get things like this though!?

Did the driver fall asleep?

Then this looked like an entertain ride on the subway?

The best congee - ก๋วยจั๊บป้าไหม สวนหลวง

The best congee


Apple, Starbucks and Phuket Tour Guides

I do not write this normally but recently I am surprised that I keep reading this - so what is the link.

If you do not want an Apple computer and it's restrictions DO NOT buy one!

image from Fox News
If you do not like Starbucks then DO NOT go there!

If you do not like the law governing work in Thailand then DO NOT go there!

Rant of the Day over...

RIP - Milo the Orangutan

RIP - Milo the Orangutang from Phuket Zoo.

This is not a happy story - I met Milo - above in 2010 and I certainly would not tell people to go to Phuket Zoo.

Then I read that Milo 'disappeared' /  before a raid.

Milo was apparently released - but he wasn't - he was caged.

Then people voted to close Phuket Zoo - it didn't work.

Milo was waiting to be released but was unable to live that long.

Phuket Zoo is still open and now there is a Dolphin Park...

A special place - R.I.P

We were searching for a Wat in Phuket and we came across this place and it was most certainly not a Wat - that was another 100 metres down the road...

But this was certainly something for someone...

I wonder who they were...

Don't like Starbucks? Don't go then...

image from fresnobee

image from San Diego Tribune
How much are they trying to sue them for?
5 Million US Dollars...

image from Fox News

If you don't like Starbucks then don't go.
I like Starbucks but it is not the only place...

Image from Yahoo

If you feel they have too much ice then ask for less?
Are there no other companies who do this?
Why do people do this?
Aren't there more important things?

Gun Control and the responsibility of the Gun Manufacturers?

NO - ice in my coffee is....

RANT over...

Qantas News and Phuket

If you are flying Qantas this month you may find an article which I was interviewed for.
for a bigger version find the magazine or click here.