Sangkhla Buri and Kanchanburi

Kanchanaburi was a place we went because it was somewhere different and not much was written about in - in English anyway - this was the best website.

We started the trip from Bangkok at a Thon Buri train station. For me this trip would cost me 100 Baht and my wife and daughter would go free.

It was certainly a different way of travelling and I recommend that you try it once BUT it is not for everybody. At one train station we had to wait for a replacement something for an hour so don't stick to a timetable. 

Followers of me on Swarm would see all the stops that we made. Followers of me on Facebook would have seen a video compilation that I made.

A monk gave us some fruit to eat on the train.

But there was people on the train with more food.

Then it was time for a bus trip.

We arrived soon at Samprasob Resort - a great location and resort. The bridge on the right is what is referred to as the Mon Bridge.

The Mon Bridge is certainly somewhere to visit early in the morning - this means about 6am.

There are people all along the roads selling gifts for the monks and what was the most photogenic were the children selling all the flowers for you.

Then it was time to give the gifts to the monks.

Returning back we watched the people jumping from the bridges.

Then after breakfast we decided to visit some of the Buddhist temples which were flooded because of the construction of a dam (more later when I find out).

It was a spectacular trip and it certainly was worth doing - I can't find much more information  but I will certainly try.

เมองบาดาล-วดใตนำ (i think)  
วดสมเดจเกา  (i think) 
Much of the information is in Thai...

The environment is quite spectacular!

Then there was the afternoon trip on the motorbikes for more temples.

 Then it was time for us to get the mini-bus back to Kanchanaburi.

 Then another mini-bus to Bangkok.

Back to Bangkok...
More images will be posted here when I have been through them all - wonderful.

My Destination - App for your holiday

So what can I find around here?


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My Destination uses a great template to produce a review of everything - accommodation, boating, diving, health, nightlife, property, restaurants, services, shopping and things to do. Fabulous - over 900+ attractions.

So I looked a little more there does not seem to be much reviewed - 1 restaurant in Kathu? Maybe it just has not been updated yet?

I needed to find a specific Dim Sum restaurant and wow this was the App to use - i found it on the Internet which lead me to this App.

Then it gave me a map!
This is great but then this did use local gps to find it - so buy a SIM card!

I then found that you can buy the full version so I might if i was travelling? The company seems to be working with Streets of Phuket - a comprehensive mapping company here in Phuket. So have a look at the App and put it all on your map - currently 399 Baht? Or make a list? 
Or just buy the full version of the App - it is not expensive.

Cost: Free or purchase the off line version
Ease of use: great
Comment: it is informative but it is by no means complete


#onedayoffline is something I found while playing browsing Instagram.

I recently found #strongertogetherbkk whilst I was in Bangkok which was interesting.

So could you stay one day off line through choice?

Things to do - Phuket Indy Market

Phuket Indy Market has certainly grown since I last posted about it in 2011.

It has swelled into an attraction which was predominantly art and craft materials and a bite to eat to so much more of the same. It seems to be open 3 nights a week (wed, thurs, fri) from 4pm to about 10:30pm.

The biggest people who flock here are definitely the teenagers - 14 plus. However this does not stop others coming here OR maybe it is the recently opened development 'Limelightnext door to it which has made it more popular?

The amount of interesting articles is fun - the clothes for your favourite animal are available!

Then there was the lady having her legs waxed!

Then the fun started! There are a number of bands that play through the evening and the looks that they get from some onlookers suggest to me that it is a cool place to be strumming your guitar!

Then there is someone who posts regularly on Instagram with the

The front of the market is next to the Sofa Pub and the road so it is a bit of a squeeze but then it opens out into a forecourt where there are three rows of stalls / tables and carpets.

The first set of tables are generally reserved for art and craft and pampering - nail painting is still very popular here!

There there is the opportunity for a Chicken Kebab and more usual Local foods.

Then here is Phuket 101's post.
Then here is Asia Web's post.
Phuket Indy Market posts
 1) 2011 
 2) 2013 

Phuket Restaurants - ร้านแก้วใจ Kaewjai

ร้านแก้วใจ Food Bakery is somewhere which is certainly a popular breakfast spot.

This is a small place to sit and the time spent there in the morning is not a casual place but the turnover is rather quick BUT the food is great (I am told by my wife) but I can vouch for the breakfast congee though!

I love to go there for the Sakoo Sai Moo - the best in a restaurant which I have entered in Phuket anyway. It is normally a dish which I see on the street but here is a recipe for it.

There are a number of other pastry dishes to choose from but I have not chosen them and have always stuck with the Thai dishes.

There is brown rice here as well, it is a choice which I do not see often in Phuket - yet.

 Here Kaewjai is on PlaceKnow.

 Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Phuket Town adjacent to Royal Phuket City Hotel.