Phuket News December 2011 (missing a lot)

Jemma - visiting the Butterfly Garden and Insect World - again

More vehicle accidents...

Fanelli - staying in Phuket?

Solar power in Phuket....

Now I understand - the 'Easy Fitness Center' near to Central - it never opened and the Belgian Manager fled to Bangkok and was prosecuted...

The tourist who is robbed returns home when the thief is captured so the police cannot prosecute - the thief is released with no charge...
- flight tickets cannot be changed
- schools will be open
- hotels will not pay for the extra nights
- money will be restrictive
- a job may be waiting for the robbed when they return

This is the fault of the Tourist?

Tourist Mr Nefdov hit in shallow waters by a speed boat.
In hospital - moved from PIH because insurance would not pay...
because city authorities to blame for not enforcing regulations....

Then Junie Browning (Mixed Martial Arts Fighter) 
'escapes' Patong Hospital 
- I wonder whether he paid his bill?

Be nice to the Farang in Patong.
(Phuket Vice Governor)
does his mean that they aren't and elsewhere does not count?

What happens to the drug dealers which are caught?

A brick of dope (The officers arrested her for possession with intent to sell a Class 5 drug and seized the brick, which measured 5x16x4 centimeters, as evidence) in a woman's shorts.

It's raining rocks.... true story
L'Orchidee Residences in Patong.

Riders in Phuket are the best in wearing helmets!
- they really must be bad elsewhere!

Land Titles - more confusion

Phuket marks International Disabled Day - a start....

Is this a joke?
First class insurance a MUST for Jet skis in Phuket.

In Karon there is dispute over a piece of road that has been built on (NOT beach) and I read that the road does not belong to the government but is a private road - if it is a private road then the owners can claim ownership?

2 million Baht stolen -  money exchanges are dangerous.

Ladies doping the clients with a concoction and robing them.
Same woman as before!

Spike Girls.....

Well-digging - a delay - why?
money or money or paperwork?

Slavery on the High Seas
Never thought about the way they catch the fish and why the fish is soo cheap here in Phuket.

A photo competition!
Can I find any photographs to add to the beautiful ones?

Another accident falling off the elephant!!!
Would you go?

If Thaksin has his passport back can he still be prosecuted for his crimes...

Christmas Paddle on the Chao Phraya


John Gray - an amazing friend and amazing man.

Tim's bicycle - R.I.P

My bicycle has gone to a special place...

Using the other one now (well sometimes)...

A party at Sri Panwa - Baba's Nest

Christmas came early this year and I visited Baba's Nest at Sri Panwa with my friends for the party of the opening of their new Soul food restaurant...

What can I say that I explain the quality of the visit?

Can I come again please?


Net throttling in Thailand

photo from Phuket Gazette
Is your ISP throttling you?

Do they look at what you are doing and act accordingly?

Will they start to charge for Netflix and Facebook +++++

Merry Christmas (2)

On arriving home the Christmas tree was up and the decorations were carefully placed.

The lights were intertwined around the tree and the merits of being good were discussed. A very real pleasure – a lucky man I would say.

Finished with Cheun and Jemma watching Tom and Jerry 
celebrating Christmas on YouTube.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas

We went shopping on 12th November in Central Festival and found this 
- how long has this been here?

Global Warming and Turtle Eggs - NO connection.

For  all of you who have heard about global warming  causing the decline in sea turtles
Aha...  maybe we have just discovered why the sea turtle is becoming extinct; and it is not global  warming!

This is in Costa Rica!

The Frog Prince is obviously a worldwide Fairy Tale

There is a story that I hear a number of time about a man who went to bed with a beautiful woman but woke a few hours to find that it was not a beautiful woman he went to bed with…

This may be seen as a common event in Thailand especially when the tourist had a few too many and was bowled over by the charms of a beautiful woman.

But my hat was taken off to Zimbabwe when I read this story in a digital edition of the Phuket Gazette.

A  gentleman was found in the early hours performing lovemaking acts with a donkey in his back yard.

His reply to the policemen involved was that the ‘lady of the night’ that he was with was not like this when he took her home with him.  I expected the next line to be “You have to kiss a lot of ass before you find your Princess” but I didn’t.

This man is quite clearly not a real Prince – in any part of the world.

Brazil is targeted as a possible source of tourism

image from Wikipedia - permission applied for

Now we will really see a Carnival in Patong.

Looking forward to the more arrivals from Brazil.

Phuket News November 2011

all photos (unless indicated) from the Phuket Gazette
not sure about why the status makes the headlines...

Trouble Lovers jump from Thepkrasattri Bridge...
Mystics are called in to search....
But nothing...
But they may have run away together
But only a little bit...

A poll shows that the state of Phuket Roads is blamed for the number of accidents.
and the quality of the driving?

And there is a hit and run in Chalong...

Mad Yank Fanelli is sentenced to 10 years for the murder of a Thai lady.
But Embassy may appeal because he fought in Afghanistan?

Cajoled into visiting a development company in Phuket
no cooling off period...
their name (withheld)...

Another Accident - one dead one injured (pic above)
More motorbike accidents...
More motorbike accidents...
Another accident on Patong Hill - involving a buffalo
More motorbike accidents - death...
Have a look at the map I started.

The Phuket Transport Chief indicates that the Transport companies should be responsible for the mechanical safety of their vehicles.
Good luck - watch this space...

Patong tunnel plans stalled!
- there is sense in Phuket.

On a happier note the Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World (visited many times) had a beautiful butterfly release...

Phuket aiming to be recognised as a  City of Gastronomy
Phuket Baba Cuisine and Royal Thai cuisine.

The Bue tord'(batter-fried grass with small shrimp)
DEEE licious.

Thaksin amnesty........?

The Alan Cooke Cricket Ground opens...

Phuket Jet Skiers - good samaritans in flooding
a better story for them - a PR manager has been employed :-)
There is no MOT system enforced
The responsibility lies with the owner - not the driver flees the scene...

The mysterious death of a tourist found in her Hotel room 
- here's her passport just in case you need?

A robbery claim failed because...
nothing was stolen... but it was all in the Hotel Room...
even the shoulder bag....

A swiftlet is built on the top of a house, bird's song played...
Pull the swiftlet down!

Don't carry an M16 rifle in your car the Police might stop you!
They did and look what happened.
And the police did not release what variant is was
does it matter - it's a Big Gun

Buses from Phuket airport to the beaches!
Good Luck

Turning cr*p into fertilizer -
an idea but not money making and the smell?

Surfing zones outlined?

Nipple Gangs
Think twice if those bosoms taste good...

Italian shows off his muscles on Soi Bangla...
gets an elbow in the face...

An American claimed of beatings in a police station rejected
what was he guilty of - there is another story...

Thailand's top5 Social networkers
I met Richard Barrow - am I in top 10,000 now?

Permanent Secretary for Transport Supoj Saplom is burgled, losing 12 million baht!!!
and the burglars tell us they took 200 million baht!!
from about 700 million baht!!
because they could not carry it!!!
- transferred to an inactive post
does this mean that he is still receiving wages?

NOTE: NOT murder - he is guilty...?

Tattoos in Thailand

After the furore of the Vegetarian Festival, a new camera and simple fascination I realised that I had a plethora of photographs - a post of the whole event is here.

One thing that was clear to me was the fascination with tattoos people have in Thailand - i have written about this on a previous blog.

If you need to see some more have a look - 
do you know where my tattoo is?


Butterflies, more butterflies and smiles...

We were late and this was exacerbated when we went to Tonsai waterfall (last year) instead of Bang Pae waterfall near the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre.

It was very busy and we had to walk a mile to get to the waterfall - just in time for the girls to put on their butterfly outfits.

The girls danced and money was raised - then we walked to the lake (adjacent to Preang Prai restaurant). The butterflies were released and began to fly all around us.  It was an organised event and I hope that it earned some money.

There were a number of activities for children to do and we wandered along the pathway to the gibbons...

Tired we had a drink in the cafe and walked to Preang Prai for a bit to eat - now I am at work very late...


Phuket Transport Part I (Airport Buses)

There are buses that run from 
Phuket International Airport to Phuket Bus Terminal.

Phuket Airport to Phuket Bus Terminal

Phuket Bus Terminal to Phuket International Airport

The price for the total journey was 85 Baht, but it is not simple to manage luggage.
(thanks Nick).

price list courtesy of  Tourism Club
If you have luggage try a metered cab from in front of the 
Phuket International Airport.

Note: the 5:30 / 6:30  am service is not available on a 
Sunday OR a National Public Holiday.

Another visit to Phuket International Hospital

Not a place to go if you do not have to BUT if you need a hospital then choose here.
There are other hospitals but this is my choice.

3 days on a drip and they looked after me.
This was my view.

Loy Krathong in the Local Village

Jemma was wearing Thai traditional costume in the morning and in the evening joined the local girls in Borae.

I celebrated Loy Krathong at Cape Panwa Hotel.