Countdown to Christmas

Christmas began yesterday with a family visit to the cinema to see
"Rise of the Guardians" - all parents should watch this film.

The Advent Calendars came out this morning, chocolates eaten, surprises shared it is the beginning to the countdown to Christmas.

Tonight the presents are wrapped and the countdown App is started.

Christmas is shared

The three musketeers at the Vegetarian Festival

I chose to join the Vegetarian Festival Parade from Kathu Shrine to Sapan Hin and it was fabulous and I had a great deal of fun.

However these three men (which I think have met previously) seemed to be having the most fun - pure adrenaline...

Maybe I should have been with them in the morning and I would understand more?

Happy Loy Krathong

The internet is ablaze with the amount of information appertaining to Loy Krathong so not on this post.

This was 2011 and my daughter in the local village.
This was at work - 2011, 2010, 2009.
Do you have the Loy Krathong App?

Happy Loy Krathong.

Ashleigh and Brian - Congratulations

With all the stories in Phuket I have one which put a smile on our faces.

Brian and Ashleigh were staying with at Cape Panwa Hotel and Brian wanted to propose to Ashleigh - Brian wanted us to help to organise his proposal - how could we help?

Flowers were arranged from Suan Luang Flowers - drinks and dinner at Baba Nest...


Ashleigh said yes!

when's the wedding? - can we help again?

Airport Tax?

A common question that I hear is whether the visiting tourist must pay airport tax?

There was certainly is an airport tax 5 years ago and it was increased BUT then somewhere it was decided that the Airport tax should be included in the price of the airline ticket.

So the only advice that I can give you is to look carefully at the receipt that you received when you purchased your ticket AND ask the agent who sold it to you AND keep some cash in your back pocket - you can always buy a cup of coffee at an outlet in the airport.

I did then look at Air Asia and their information regarding this;

*For most countries, the airport tax has been included in the final total and is to be paid upon booking unless stated otherwise. The airport tax listed here is to be paid at the respective airport before departure.

So check!

Wonderful but nothing to do with Phuket

This is wonderful - how long did it take and how many mistakes?

Butterfly Release - 6th year

A favourite place of my daughter's is Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World - we love to visit.

There is an event each year which is really special and it is the Butterfly release - this year it took place at Bang Pae Waterfall.

We arrived and the place was teaming with people - it was wonderful - children were being offered butterfly wings as they arrived and there was snacks available free for everyone. I believe that the new Phuket Governor was there but this was of little interest to Jemma.

Jemma wanted to release her butterflies which had been reserved specially for her - thank you. The big cage of butterflies was release and a plethora of different coloured butterflies were release into the air. After these were released then the sponsored cages were also opened.

Butterflies were everywhere and the happiness was abundant.

After the butterflies were released and encouraged to fly fish were released into the lake and small plants were planted. 

There were a number of places to buy a number of items - from car wax to ice cream - from sponsored tents.

What a fantastic idea and a wonderful environment
See you next year.

A concierge for Phuket - getting bigger

The Phuket Concierge is taking shape and I have just realised that you can search the whole blog by writing in your request in the top left hand box.

What are you looking for?

Thai people are special

Found a coffee shop - i 46 in Phuket Old Town and I remembered 
what is so special about Thailand. 

The Thai people 

- I was welcomed into the home by the father who was more than happy 
to share with me his memories on his iPad. 

Then there were photographs of him on the wall in his home and his memories of growing up, his son took care of me and I met the son's wife. 

Beautiful - thank you.

Ouch - that was close

For many of the readers of this blog you will have (hopefully) enjoyed wading through the plethora opf posts about the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket this year.

I have nearly finished looking through the photographs but this one shocked me 
- how close was I?

Got off lightly with the little cut?