A trip to Cambodia - Day One

The airport in Cambodia was small from what I had previously been used to - a lovely change. 

We left from the airplane directly onto the runway and it was a short walk to the terminal area.

Then onto one of the popular Motodop (a motorbike taxi) - remembering to get a Sim Card at the airport if that is what you want - there were less WiFi spots than I had been used to in Bangkok.

Our first classic car drove past us as we left the airport - think that it was a Chrysler....

The trip was wonderful - the breeze was consistent and a wonderful change from the intense heat of Thailand. The Viroth Hotel was where we were going to stay - does very well on TripAdvisor - the Number One Hotel in the World.

There was a collection of nice old cars outside the property. We arrived early so the staff took care of us extremely well and we were looked after by the staff with cappuccino and hot chocolate.

The room was swiftly ready and we were taken to it - a very nice hotel.

Then it was time for some places to visit - our first stop was Srah Srang.

Lovely place - and peaceful with it, it is the West Gate of Angkor Wat.

Then we turned around and we were faced with the Banteay Kdei Temple - an impressive entrance into Angkor Wat.

Looking at the maps that I can find on the Internet you find that there is a very long stretch of ruin - a wonderful.

I will need to write about Banteay Kdei temple on another post. 

Then onto another temple - but this was not peaceful at all - not the same feeling here.

So it was time for lunch - the Temple Cafe - a nice spot.

After a swim at the Viroth Hotel it was time to visit the Night Market. Almost felt as if we were back in Thailand and a night market there. Strangely I found the people trying to sell me stuff were more polite to a no thank you and they did not try to be your friend - like they do to me in Phuket / Patong. I can't remember where we ate that night but it was very nice and not expensive. 

We did not have a scorpion (or snake) though.

However we did have the fried Ice Cream.

First term being a teacher again!

Goldilocks saying sorry to the 3 bears
This was certainly a different job from managing Social Media - here's some things.

Aboriginal paintings
Captain Cook sets sail
Jobs in the classroom
Halloween was a lot of fun

Flags went on the wall and map went on the ceiling
Origami was made and instructions written
The pirates set sail
Time for Loy Krathong
and of course Christmas

We visited Safari World.

De' Cafe

De' Cafe was atop for me to avoid the chaos of people rushing to 'cook in' at work - the coffee was a little insipid and felt that the staff found me annoying... not again...

Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 115/1 ถนนสุรวงศ์ แขวงสุริยวงศ์ Khwaeng Suriya Wong

Wat Sunthon Tham Than

On Walking Trip through Bangkok (Nang Leong) I visited Wat Sunthon Tham Than. It seemed to be a recently built Wat 

with a smaller and older one inside the grounds.

Unfortunately I was unable to enter the Wat.

Walking around I was able to see that much of the wall had been dedicated to people who had passed away 

and a monk was with some people. I hastily left and returned on my Walking Tour.

Bunfe Coffee Bar

Bunfe Coffee Bar was a small coffee shop which I liked to visit when it was a day to do my paperwork in the offices in the center of Bangkok.

Small, never busy and quiet - i would have to admit that sometimes It was so quiet I could not find the staff....

Enjoyed the coffee and watching the world walk by. 

Phone Number: 082 295 8433
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoldenMount.Coffee/
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: 115/1 ถนนสุรวงศ์ แขวงสุริยวงศ์ Khwaeng Suriya Wong