Satree Phuket Mini Marathon

Satree Phuket Mini Marathon  was a family decision!

As a family we were late! So we parked and played catch up with everyone else - what did it matter?

So we started at the back and I don't know if we progressed very much further?

I remember this bus - a volunteer bus from a Local Chinese Shrine (มูลนิธิกุศลธรรมภูเก็ตAND they picked me up from the Phuket Vegetarian Festival in 2012!

As we progressed more and more people were stopping.

One even got a lift on a motorbike!

Then it was time for a 'Pit Stop' - thank you for whoever tidied all the cups up (well I hope they did anyway).

Anyway we made it home...

- even though we did not run it all.
map courtesty of runmeter

Earth Hour in Phuket

This was our note to any visitors to us during Earth Hour.

We turned off the lights - put out some candles - the red strawberry smelling one was the best.

Then we proceeded to walk along the road.

Then we found that because it was dark and we had a powerful torch we could make shadows...

Found the best fence in Phuket.

Then stargazing with an App called Starlight was the best! We found Jupiter and then we found out from Jamie that we had started too early! It was still an hour and we were hot!

Did you try?

Maps - Local Phuket food

Phuket has a very interesting culinary culture - there are a great many places to visit and better places to eat!

There are more Phuket maps on Google or here.

Earth Hour in Phuket

Image from Ramada
Are you showing that you care - even a little bit?

Okay so this is a parody but i quite like the picture...

Earth Hour 2013 will take place Saturday, March 30 at 8:30 p.m. local time.

Amazing Sunday Brunch - Nikki Beach

Well what do I say to people who want a Sunday Brunch in Phuket now?

I think Jamie's beach is better?
Visit Nikki Website for an explanation

Will this be closed because of the building regulations?

XE Currency - App for your holiday

How much is that in my money?

Convert every world currency with the XE Currency App – Free Edition. It offers live proprietary currency rates, charts, and even stores the last updated rates, so it works when the Internet doesn't. This easy-to-use currency calculator has received over 14 million downloads. It was an app of the week in iTunes, and has been featured by the BBC, the LA Times, CNN, and The Travel Channel!

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- Stores the last updated rates
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- Get XE Currency Pro – also available in iTunes!

This is an App which I have reviewed previously and it is able to give you an evaluation as to how much your money is worth in whilst you are shopping in a foreign country.

But then the WiFi is off - it remembers the last time...

Then do you really want to show the street seller that you have the latest iPhone 6 because I do not think that this means you get the best street price

So... make the cards below.

Wonderfully simple.
(this was not my idea but a guest of Cape Panwa Hotel to which I owe a beer)

Cost: Get
Ease of use: very simple
Comment: Personally both are a great idea

Quadcopter, Wats, Sarasin Bridge, Market and Mangoes

A quadcopter practice started the day of for me - in a cleared piece of land near our home.

This is a first cut and I will return here soon

After this it was off to the airport to collect my wife and daughter and after living here for 15 years I am always amazed at how people travel - more photographs later. I (wrongly) chose not to get my wife flowers in Phuket Town - Suan Luan Flower shop but there would be somewhere on the side of the road near to the airport - no there wasn't.

After this we chose to cross over the Sarasin bridge (thanks Jamie) at the North end of Phuket. 

When we arrived I quickly visited วัดท่าฉัตรไชย พระอุปคุต and found it to be quite a deserted Wat. 

Until I noticed an electric cable going in through the shut doors - lovely inside - it was taken care of (more to come on timinphuket-thingstodo)

We then chose to cross the bridge on foot and the views were quite spectacular.

I think that two couples followed the trend set in Korea (was it) with bolting a chain to show their undying love for one another? But I am sure that there is a local story...

Then we progressed over the bridge for lunch. At the other side there were lots of roadside shops and they all seemed to be selling dried fish! 

Then we visited Tanoon Seafood - where we enjoyed our lunch next to the open water channel (more to come on timinphuket-restaurants ).

After this we returned to Phuket - stopping at a Wat that I had wanted to visit Wat Kosit.

We actually stopped at the wrong temple and stopped at what seemed to be a Chinese Shrine for a person. On to Wat Kosit which had more mysteries to be discovered (more to come on timinphuket-thingstodo).

Then it was time for a Mango - stopping at Many Mango on the way home

A lovely day with the family.

Tuk Tuk ride in Bangkok

"On your marks, get set - Go:

Well the traffic was busy so we thought about a Tuk Tuk

This was an entertaining ride for us - pretty scary - but fun....

We went to Khao San Road - maybe that was why?

You must try a Tuk Tuk ride once...

Been scammed by breakfast cereal?

This is my rant of the day - I do not expect a breakfast cereal to look exactly like the packet but when did cereal boxes start printing ' 'serving suggestion'?

Nestle Fitness - horrible, never again.

Rant over.

Restaurants in Phuket - After Beach Bar

After Beach Bar is a place which is in the hills above Kata and Karon - follow a twisting, turning road and you will hear reggae music as you approach - this is it!

If you have been reading blogs and visiting Phuket then this destination is something of a 'Historical Monument' - it has been here ever since, well as far as I can remember.

So when we managed to park the car - if you are on bikes or in a taxi this is much easier we wandered in to grab a seat. 

The beer was served very cold and as we watched the sun begin to set I lost my appetite completely and cold beers were enough for me.

There was a newer bar next door (North) and a newer building past that - but the After Beach Bar decided to extend their deck the furthest and the other bars / restaurants have not yet responded (Baan Chom View and Small Viewpoint). Jamie's Phuket blog has some great pictures of them from here.

We did order some food - just nibbles - som tam and grilled squid - both of them were lovely - I was impressed because these are dishes which are really quite simple but are sometimes not always the best. I even found a review from Lonely Planet.

There is a lot of seating and on following visits we have been surprised by the amount of people that do make their way up here to have a few drinks....

Hint: Check the time of sunset and be there approximately 30 minutes before this to try to ensure you get a seat in the front

Phone Number: 081 894 3750
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Above Kata Beach
Hours: 11am - midnight

View timinphuket - restaurants and coffee shops in a larger map

Best Sakoo Sai Mai (สาคูใส้หมู) in Phuket - Kaewjai

This is certainly a great snack to have in the morning.
Kaewjai is the best place to find this dish...

Sakoo Sai Mai (สาคูใส้หมู)

Things to do in Phuket - Walking St. (Lard Yai)

Phuket Walking Street (sometimes referred to as Lard Yai) is a closure of a main road in Phuket Old Town - Thalang Road and selling products to the locals. The focus was covered in my first post about Walking Street in December 2013.

There has been a degree of evolving but the pleasure here is that it has not become simply a commercial exercise and a Tourist Attraction.

It is every Sunday from approximately 5pm until 10pm and it is worth visiting. 

The children play Thai chess with a local.

Here is Jamie's daughter having a go.

Jemma knows what she is doing? 

Then there is the trampoline - much loved by Jemma.

Here is Jamie's son having a go on the trampoline.

Fancy a Horse shoe crab?

These Sago puddings are delicious - the best, now where is the best place in Phuket for them?

What are these people looking at / thinking?

Then of course shopping - fancy some big eyes?

How about a hat?

- a warmer hat?

A Harrod's Bag - here?

or Hello Kitty?

Then some bits... something for everyone - Have Fun.

Date: Sunday
Time: 16:00 - 20:00
Location: Thalang Road, Phuket Old Town

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