Phuket Walking Street and more

The attraction of Phuket Old Town got one step more for us on Sunday! The best description of this special event is from Asia Web Direct (so I won't repeat it).

"Thalang is a 350m-long commercial and cosmopolitan street which hosts a mix of Baba (Chinese migrants settled in Phuket at the beginning of the 20th century during the tin mining era), Thai Muslim and Indian shops. Phuket Walking Street allows visitors to discover some typical southern Thai culinary specialties as well as local handicraft and gift stalls. This weekly event (every Sunday from 16:00 – 22:00) is definitely family-oriented with the presence of toy stalls and a (free-of-charge) trampoline to entertain the little ones."

We visited the Walking Street - getting there at 4:30 seemed to be just right!

They seemed to be quite busy - the middle of the road was busy and each Shop Front or Shop seemed also to be taking part - a lovely atmosphere.

My heart skipped a beat and I asked my wife to take care of Jemma with a parrot when I saw 'Old Man's Hair' - wonderful and then I watched the man cook the small green wraps.

My lust was satisfied and then I needed a sweet Bubble Tea... finished for a bit. We had our photograph with the parrots and we chose to walk down one side of the road and then come back on the other - this never fails and you get to see everything if you stick to each side.

There were a number of stalls for food and they are always interesting to have a try - I loved the freshly cooked crepes. As we walked I did get the feeling that we were at the Indy Market (Thursday and Friday) because there was a lot of interesting things for you to purchase - not quite the artist level of Chiang Mai but fun.

We walked along choosing bits to eat and drink until we reached the Trampoline for Jemma and the coffee shop - we found both. 

Then we met Jemma's friends playing the ukulele in the street - quite a collection of things going on here!

         I went into Eleven Two and Company - nice chocolates with the cappuccino. 

The sun went down, the moon came up and the lights were put on.  

Then it was time for dinner and we chose to visit Tunka Cafe to have dinner. It started to rain and it was busy with the blinds down... We ordered a selection of bits and the rain stopped and the view was incredible - they have also put up a Christmas Tree.

Dinner was good and a review will be posted here.