Phuket’s 10 Best Cultural Restaurants


Phuket's 10 Best Cultural Restaurants - written by someone,here they are, have I been and what do i think?

Zen @ Central Festival

  1) Kopitiam - Phuket Old Town - my visit 
  2) BreezeCape Yamu
  3) Suay - Phuket Town - my visit 
  4) Acqua - Patong
  5) Boathouse Wine and Grill - Kalim
  6) Chino@ Cafe Gallery - Phuket Old Town my visit 
  7) Mom Tri's Kitchen visited
  8) SaffronBanyan Tree
  9) Siam Indigo - Phuket Old Town - closed - my visit 
  10) Taste - Surin Beach

Nong Sow

This is my list

  1) Mee Ton Poe 1 - Phuket Old Town 
  2) Kopitiam - Phuket Old Town 
  3) China Inn - Phuket Old Town 
  4) Mor Mu Dong - not for everybody...
  5) Janjira - Phuket Town
  6) Panwa House @ Cape Panwa Hotel
  7) โชคชัยติ่มซำ, Chockchai - Dim Sum
  8) Nong Sow - the best Som Tam in Phuket
  9) Suay - Phuket Old Town
  10) Hokkien Noodles - Phuket Old Town

China Inn

Phuket - December 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

So the army instruct us that they are going to demolish the Phuket Beach Club in Nai Yang (29 November)
- did they?
- as we speak (8 Dec)

  How many Star Wars Trailers 7 are there - looking good :)

- i wonder whether the Insurance Premium was too much?

- who pays the bill of the swimmer?

"POLICE YESTERDAY confirmed that they had met and interviewed fugitive billionaire businessman Nopporn Suppipat"
- but he has now allegedly fled the country...

Man with Iguana in Patong arrested 

- i wonder what he did wrong to someone? ;)

Phuket Homeworks shelves collapse 
- guess we will not be going in there!
- comments are entertaining to read 

DNP applies for land to be returned to the Thai people 
- no comment from the people with the papers...
- what will happen to the buildings?

There are still accidents happening with coaches on Patong Hill!
- but then I read
A Patong Hill bus ban was put in place in February and bars buses and large trucks from crossing Phuket’s most infamous hill from 6am to 9am and 4pm to 7pm (story here).
- See more at:

Russians break into a Buddhist Temple and impersonate Monks 
- fined and/or jailed for impersonation of a Holy person
 fined and/or jailed for no work permit?

How Google works and the Internet is key to your company

Well I guess the Internet is a key to all our business now!

" In an era when everything is speeding up, the best way for businesses to succeed is to attract smart-creative people and give them an environment where they can thrive at scale."

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Star Wars - The Force awakens


Having fun - think I'll watch a movie...

Maps - Dim Sum Restaurants in Phuket

Dim Sum Restaurants in Phuket is a relatively new thing for me to explore.

View Dim Sum restaurants in Phuket in a larger map

A Quadcopter in Phuket

This Quadcopter belongs to a professional on holiday in Phuket - fabulous stuff and this was his holiday model! Dan Buck Joyce of Joy/Division.

This was taking off from Cape Panwa Hotel jetty - waiting for the edited video...

I can never find or catch - Cockroaches and Cicadas

So this is why I can never find a cicada - they are making such a noise but I can never seem to get very close to them!

"The World's noisiest Insect"

So this is why I can never seem to catch the cockroach that scares me....

"The fastest know runner in the Insect World".

All information from "I wonder why Spiders Spin Webs"
- Amazon 

Phuket Happenings - November 2014

So what has happened in Phuket - we had Halloween (not technically November), then there was Loy Krathong

(I didn't let off a Spirit Balloon near an airport because of the prosecution threat)

Got a new lens for the camera - so more people shots coming.

Do you own anything which is made of Ivory?

- why is it a 'White Prison'? 

Jet-Skis are banned
- please???

images from Phuket Gazette
A Russian Tourist is killed
- how much more????
150 million Baht was paid to the Widow 
- is this the cost of a life?
- and the Jetski Operator?
images from Phuket Gazette

Jet Skis must go 
- who is listening?

BUT they are going to stay...
- because?

2.6 million Baht to replace a Jet Ski 
- is this how much they cost
- are they all purchased on HP?

AIS devices on speedboats and fishing vessels 
-"“I like the idea of AIS being installed on all boats, especially if Phuket is to be known as a world-class boating destination,” Gov Nisit said.
- “If possible, I would like to see local tour boats and fishing boats using the system as well. At least, this way, we can know immediately about any accidents and who was at fault.”- In September, Mr Phuripat ordered all foreign-flagged vessels be fitted with AIS devices by October 1 
- Mr Phuriphat later clarified that all foreign-registered craft – including small, recreational yachts – would be required to carry an AIS transceiver, as is required of larger vessels.

- and vessels without a foreign flag?

Marine Office demands every tourist wears a life-jacket
- and the Thai people?

“I have hired 15 staff who will be stationed at each pier on the island to ensure that every single passenger is wearing a life jacket. If they are not, the boat will not be allowed to leave the pier.”

A pyramid selling scheme operator arrested in Bangkok.

A pyramid seller arrested in Phuket - because donated to a Temple..
- do they know each other?

Mahout killed by rampaging elephant - then elephant returned to Jungle Trek 
- so we are not taking a Bull Elephant for a ride
- how do we know?

Send body parts with DHl - "just for fun" 
- what is this about?
- what is the name of those movies where people do ridiculous stunts / things?

Russians stealing Vodka caught - trying again
- over a month, was there a Visa?

Flash floods in Phuket were FLASH!!!
Blackouts in some areas 
- we were lucky

Motorbikes under high voltage cable burnt 
- not parking under there then
- who is paying for the incident?

Then Man dies electrofishing
- i do not believe that this can be done but it is!!!

The Asian Beach Games took place in Phuket
- sorry I never went

15KG Python found in Phuket, Ouch!
- if it is that big does it move slower?

A Cobra found near a school
- bet that was fun for the kids!

Beach umbrella confusion and management and the tourist? 
- there is no answer yet...

Opening of the unfinished underpasses for the Beach Games 
- and the work will be started after high season? ;)

Police parade down Bangla Road to promote safety
- i am happy the tourist is safe everywhere else then?

Pegas Touristik refused to explain why a plane was delayed 
(after 7 hours delay passengers were put in a hotel)
- why?
- not the coaches this time...
Pegas Touristik fake documents on Tour Guides 
- threatened to sue...

A Phuket Beach Club Owner dodges demolition
- how?
- this is the army in charge!

A Speedboat is trapped by the recent monsoons
- others returned but he did not...

The Pirate Bay Co-Founder is found and arrested
- crossing the border from Laos, why?

An Android App to prent Farmers making false subsidy claims
- or to catch them?
- but if they have an iPhone?

193 male foreigners 'faked' marriage for a visa 
- and the wife's?
- how did they catch them?

Phuket Elephant stomps on a Mahout - to death

Training is necessary for a Driving licence in Phuket 
-what is it now?

Crackdown on motorbikes riding on the pavement 
- good
- but they will be on the road now?

14th of November - they close the ATMs for a day to check them
- has this ever been done before?

Double trouble - Illegal Tour Guide found
- offers a bribe as well as no license!

Then a Japanese band member dons Buddhist clothing 
- Thai rage ensues

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Nothing to do with Phuket but it looks cool...