Wat Asokkaram, Macha Bucha Day and respect

Wat Asokkaram was where we visited for Macha Bucha Day this year (2019), this link is to our visit in 2015.

Always a special time to visit a Buddhist Temple.

I took the walk around the temple by myself and paid my respects. 

Then strangely I realised I no longer had my telephone - to was somewhere else...  

Stopping I checked my bag - tipping it all out - with my wife I searched through the mess - nope!!

Then over the tannoy came a message that a phone had been handed in - we visited the monk who handed me the telephone - happy that I had paid respect. 

"A temple built in ancient India by Emporer Asoka inspired the name of Wat Asokaram. Ajahn Lee Dhammadharo (1906-1961), a disciple of Ajahn Mun, founded the temple in 1955. At the request of lay followers, the uncremated remains of Ajahn Lee Dhammadharo have been kept in a coffin in the glassed-in shrine area upstairs in the viharn. A ceremony dedicated to the former abbot attracts many people to the wat on 24-26 April; teachers present discourses on mind training in the Ajahn Mun tradition."

Here is a website for more information.


Leng Buia Ia Shrine - ChinaTown


I found this small shrine as part of one of the TAT Walking Routes in Bangkok - whilst in  ChinaTown.

Sometimes you should just follow a guide - this entrance was not something which I would have followed if I did not have the guide to take me down this way.

A small corridor leads the way...

And then open onto a small forecourt with the Chinese Shrine at the back.

With what you expect to find in a Chinese Shrine - simply worth the effort if you are in the area.

With a safe to make a contribution. 


The Old Customs House


I thought that I had visited the Old Customs House previously but then I read about the building and didn't realise that the big building is actually around the corner.  

I read on the Internet that some people were not granted access to the building - well it is condemned and would be dangerous - much like the Guest Tower nearby.

There is a small coffee shop around the corner.

It would be a shame for them to demolish such a lovely building though and designed by an Italian architect (Joachim Grassi) in the 1800's. In 2016 the occupants of the building was the staff of the Bang Rak Fire Station have they have since been asked to leave. The Natural Consortium purchased the land in 2005 and intend to develop this area - as an Aman Resorts and Hotel - so let's see how much longer this takes... 


Then this has recently been changed - the Treasury Department have revoked this license and the building must be kept... watch this space.

BUT the security might not allow you to use your camera - I wasn't - so I stuck with the iPhone and took some more from the Chao Phraya River Express. Another way to see it is to watch In the Mood for Love - a Hong Kong movie.

Previous Visit
 1) May 2017 

TripAdvisor: Old Customs House 

Hua Lamphong Railway Station

I had to pass this Hua Lamphong Railway Station when I was attempting one of the TAT Walking Routes in Bangkok - on the way to ChinaTown. It was certainly an impressive building - which was designed (amongst other buildings in Bangkok) by an Italian in Design. 

Quite an interesting to visit - or take a trip somewhere?

Do all railway stations in Thailand have a Dunkin' Donut's and a Black Canyon?

BUT I read on Wikipedia that in it is scheduled to be closed in 2019 to become a museum?

So be quick if you want to visit somewhere special.