Wat Asokkaram, Macha Bucha Day and respect

Wat Asokkaram was where we visited for Macha Bucha Day this year (2019), this link is to our visit in 2015.

Always a special time to visit a Buddhist Temple.

I took the walk around the temple by myself and paid my respects. 

Then strangely I realised I no longer had my telephone - to was somewhere else...  

Stopping I checked my bag - tipping it all out - with my wife I searched through the mess - nope!!

Then over the tannoy came a message that a phone had been handed in - we visited the monk who handed me the telephone - happy that I had paid respect. 

"A temple built in ancient India by Emporer Asoka inspired the name of Wat Asokaram. Ajahn Lee Dhammadharo (1906-1961), a disciple of Ajahn Mun, founded the temple in 1955. At the request of lay followers, the uncremated remains of Ajahn Lee Dhammadharo have been kept in a coffin in the glassed-in shrine area upstairs in the viharn. A ceremony dedicated to the former abbot attracts many people to the wat on 24-26 April; teachers present discourses on mind training in the Ajahn Mun tradition."

Here is a website for more information.


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