Snake nets

I walk down my road every morning and I noticed this on all of the poles.

This is a snake net.

The snake will crawl up the pole and maybe it will reach the top. If the snake is of a particular length then it may reach the wires at the top and connect the two and 

a power-cut... and a dead snake

Local Muay Thai Boxing match

I received a surprise last night when I was told that there was a Muay Thai boxing competition involving the local people from Ao Yon and Ao Makham and it was taking place at the Deep Sea Port.

The word muay derives from the Sanskrit mavya which means "to bind together". Muay thai is referred to as the "Art of Eight Limbs" or the "Science of Eight Limbs" because it makes use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes, thus using eight "points of contact", as opposed to "two points" (fists) in boxing and "four points" (hands and feet) used in other more regulated combat sports, such as kickboxing, boxing, and savate.
text from wikipedia

Muay Thai boxing is a sport which I know that many people come to Thailand and ask to see. I understand that there are a plethora of places to visit in Phuket but there are some fights which are 'shows' for the tourist so if you are interested pick carefully.

Near our home there is a training gym for the local people and they fight in a stadium in Chalong and their boss was there in an official capacity so it was going to be an interesting night..

Traditionally all the fight nights start with young boys and then the fighters get older and clearly more violent, fight one had a lot of supporters and fight two began to be more professional - I did not stay long...

I do not know how young the children were whom I saw in the ring but I do wonder how young the children in Thailand are who begin Muay Thai boxing?

Papaya - fresh from our garden

Well the tree that was planted worked - we can now have fresh papaya.

Trimming the road side trees

Well the men cutting down the trees did a good job - we had no power cut BUT not sure if they needed to be so severe with cutting the trees on the roadside?

Your passport is NOT your property...

property of wikipedia
So whilst you are on a trip to Thailand

NEVER submit your passport

Take a photocopy of your passport with you and 
feel free to hand this over if it is requested.

BUT then who does request it?

 When you rent a vehicle to drive...

Don't rent a vehicle - too many accidents....

BUT if it is not a property WHY do you have to pay for it 
and / or 
get a refund when you pass away?

All those electrical cables...

I have noticed that they are removing all the electrical cables in Phuket Town and I assumed that it was because the cables are such an eyesore.

I did not think that they may also be a fire hazard...

Overhead wires and Chinese Dragons in Phuket Old Town

Lynda and David took a trip into Phuket Town with Phuket Heritage Trails last week and the trip was fabulous and they saw more than they had seen than ever before.

Then they walked into a parade but I was unable to tell them what it was about.
Do you know?

They went in again and on one of the trips the saw the overhead wires coming down!!!

Southern Trade Fair - Sapan Hin

This was a surprise for me - I was told that there was a funfair and there was a little bit more. Sapan Hin is many things and today it was the start of the Southern Trade Fair with the Southern Organic Fair

The tents were erected in the usual place - the car-park adjacent to the musical fountain. Under the tent was a collection of mainly items that are produced in Southern Thailand. This included shadow puppets, cashew nut juice, batik clothing, musical instruments, shells (thought that this was stopped), coffee, bronze items and more.

Then in front of the tent there were more places with food for sale - the full roasted pig, more coffee, Thai fruits - Sala, animal entrails, Dim Sum with sausages, snails, 1,000 year eggs, sausages, sticky rice in bamboo, black jelly and more.

Then music started and the media appeared and focused on the guests of honour whilst the dancers waitedThe dancing started on a stage at the front and was enjoyed by everybody - I snuck away and had a coffee.

View Sapan Hin - South Phuket in a larger map

Motorbikes and Helmets

There have been a number of promotions and large posters scattered throughout Phuket for people to wear a helmet when they drive a motorbike.

I would like to understand why this tourist does not wear a helmet? 

Should I think that:
1: the tourist should be more aware of the law when they visit Phuket?
2: the tourist feels that they are above the law when they visit Phuket?
3: the tourist is plain silly?

Phuket Markets

I have been reviewing Apps for my travel Apps Blog and I have been looking closely at each one. I was lucky to receive 10 free copies of City Maps and Walks previously.

Recently I got 5 copies of Phuket Markets to look at and review from the company - if you would like to have this App please tell me the name of your favourite market in Phuket and where it is?

My favourite market is Sapan Hin...

Phuket News April 2012

Google Street View comes to Phuket...

Patong Tunnel to be finished in under 5 years
watch this space...

Guarantee missed for laptops for all those children
watch this space...
was this an election promise?

photo from Phuket Gazette - used with permission

Phuket model is Miss Thailand 2012

Tourists loses her thumb in attempted robbery of her bag...

182 million bahts worth of pirated goods destroyed
I suppose that it does keep the prices artificially high?

A logging camp in Phang Nga is raided...
why in Phuket Gazette?

No comment for the tremblings....
KFC had an advert telling people fleeing to buy a pot of chicken on their way home!
KFC apologised

Doomsday Saturday did not arrive
but Disaster Insurance is gaining ground

photo from the Phuket Gazette
But this homeless guy needed some fruit - not sure about Health an Safety?
then I read about the woman who electrified her fence to protect her property and killed someone
(then the gossip that she was growing illegal product)

Mega-Projects in Phuket
and the discussions regarding the mangroves?

Were there casinos in the Tiger Bars?

Private taxi parking in Patong
farang dies over dispute
Kids banned from 'upperdecks'
and the drunk passengers?

After reading this I am not sure about 'doing the garden'.
NOTE: check your fertilizer.

Thai Government declares success in it's 'zero Songran deaths campaign'
BUT more people died this year?

All Taxi drivers should hold a license - May 1st
does this include Phuket?
what year?

NGO of Australian anti-sex-slvery resigns
a surprise?
how much do these NGOs earn?
did they have a retirement package?
Phuket Old Town is gradually gaining the respect that it deserves
pay a visit