Wear your motorbike helmet

Wear your motorbike helmets in Phuket - you will be fined.

Thai traffic law states that both drivers and passengers 
without helmets can be fined up to 500 baht. 
A driver transporting a passenger not wearing a helmet is subject to 
an additional fine of up to 1,000 baht.

Does that mean that a motorbike taxi 'person' must supply the passenger with a helmet?

Then I see the police do not necessarily wear a helmet?

Under section 122 of the Land Traffic Act of 2522, Police are exempt from wearing a helmet, as are monks, people wearing turbans or other religions which require wearing headwear. 

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Kathu Street festival was fun

We visited the Street Festival and had a lot of fun - I met Jamie (of Jamie's Phuket).
My first ever email contact then met in real life.
It was great fun and we all enjoyed every minute.  I will return at 5 am in the morning next time for the piercing of the Vegetarian Festival.

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Phuket News ++: June 2010

The ethnic-Chinese residents of Phuket Town could ruin Phuket's feng shui and will bring economic ruin to Patong and other parts of the island. I hope that the Governor of Phuket listens and tells 'them' that it is a stupid idea - shall i list the things that will (or could) go wrong?
Feng Shui and the tunnel to Patong says NO - watch this space........
Did you know that the films that they run on the hill are not for the locals but they are to entertain the spirits?

Phuket Airpark now has a grass runway - now there is a Phuket Flying Club.
Boy George was in Patong and plays at Seduction... did he have time for any more activities?
Missed out on the canoe race at Klong Mu Dong.

More landslides expected after 2 die in Patong - 
don't think that I needed a crystal ball to know this....

British woman attacked on Monkey beach - a lady with a phobia about monkeys visits.
Was this a therapy that went a little wrong? 

If you have had enough of school (like this pupil did) - burn it down.

A fine for riding on a motorbike without a helmet is 500 Baht - for your passenger not wearing one it will be a 1000 Baht fine - the economy really is suffering - the number of tourists must really be down!

Sales people did not tell the buyers of the football package that they were buying that the commentary would not be in English..... then the company blame Fifa for not selling them the rights..... but Russell at the Sunset bar has it!

Phuket Taxi mafia stronger than the US Navy.

Missed the Prisoner fair but managed the Halal festival.

Patong Bar Hopping Card - to boost the community?
Which is changing to what?

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Phuket Jazz festival

There is going to be a Jazz Festival on Karon beach - the Full Moon Version
- whatever that means..... I am getting old!

TAT information - more here.
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Rainy season starts - 21 June

A bit of honesty comes to Phuket (sic) - it rained all day on Monday!

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Red Bull

The furore surrounding this drink is amazing - I first tried it in 1999 at the Millennium party in Greenwich in the UK - I can remember being exhausted when i got in but I watched a movie because I could not relax - never again

Thai Red Bull is sweeter and has a more pleasant taste than its Western equivalents. It's also un-carbonated making it easier to drink. They say that it's 3-4 times more effective, than similar products on the market, and is used in Thailand by Muay Thai-fighters to give them an added boost. Oh and Taxi drivers to keep them alert.

Thai Redbull Energy drink does not contain taurine (2-aminoethanesulfonic acid) which is one of the ingredients in its Western equivalents. 

But I now read that the real energy drink is m-150.

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