Whale meat and Japan

I have followed the political games played by Japan, the Whaling Commission as an interest but not as a pursuit. I was then visited a link posted by a friend of mine regarding the latest farce regarding this.

I understand the difference between an activist - say Sam Shepard and a legitimate agency - say Greenpeace - their goal maybe the same but the way that they attain their goal is very different.

Then I watched this video posted by CNN

One can argue that the ramming and boarding of the ship is illegal and steps must be taken against those who boarded the ship - all be it to arrest the captain for the crime of 'fishing'.

Greenpeace then 'intercept' packages from the boat - plastic boxes with whale meat in. The meat was wrapped and labeled as 'cardboard'. This was shown in a press conference.

The Japanese then indicate that the whale meat is given to the staff for their personal use...... so why label it as cardboard?
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