A celebration of Thai film – old school at Sukko Spa

I was lucky to receive an invitation to a celebration of the old Thai films that was held at the Sukko Spa.

On arrival I was greeted by a Volkswagon (which I am sure that I have seen before) which was armed with a plethora of toys which I could recall having. I entered cautiously and was greeted by a graciously dressed Thai lady with an ‘Angry Bird’ balloon – Jemma was happy.

On entering I was bombarded with brass instruments playing exciting tunes that I believe were commonly used for soundtracks to these films. I was then ushered into the pool area and immediately I was a large portable cinema screen showing a Thai film – the ambience was fun.

I strolled around sampling all of the local dishes which was started with a shot of ‘Ya Dong’ – powerful stuff…

There was what looked like a small show coming on later but I did not stay but what little time I spent there was fun….


Win a free App for Bangkok (Competition 4)

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Fake monks in Phuket BUT how do you spot them

image from the Phuket Gazette - permission requested
In the Phuket Gazette recently there was an article regarding the fact that there have been a spate of fake monks who have been travelling in Phuket and collecting alms from people.

“The penalty for impersonating a monk is a 3,000 baht or up to three months imprisonment,” 

How do you know that they are fake?

1) The monk is collecting after 8am.
2) Generally the Thai people do not pay them any attention
3) They ask for money.

Obviously this is not always consistent...

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A prophecy leads to tourism takings down - sue him...

photo from Wikipedia
There was a prophecy by a certain person regarding the Tsunami.

This same person made a prophecy that the Tak Bhumibol Dam would explode on New Years Day - but it dod not.  This lead to a fall in takings and the government is looking to arrest the man for causing 'public harm'...

Win a free copy of the Bangkok Walking Tour App

I was surfing the big wide world of the Internet to improve my maps that I make on Google when I was suddenly met with an exciting surprise – an App was made for Phuket walks, Phuket maps and Phuket food

Walking around Phuket with Chuen’s iPad would no longer be the same!!

There are 12 tours on this App that have only begun to scratch the surface. So I made a request to be a Tour Author… watch this space...

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Best Of Phuket awards... 2011

Well there's a list if you click here.

My list from their list...

Best Croissants and Coffee - Twin Palms / Bake
Most Romantic Restaurant - Mom Tri's Kitchen
Best Italian - La Gaetana
Roadside restaurant - La Farang
Seafood Restaurant - Kan Eang2
Interesting Restaurant - Thammachart
Ambience Restaurant - Suay
Scenic Restaurant - Peang Prai

The driver fled the scene...

from The Phuket Gazette
This is a common byline for any accident which happens in Phuket.

So who is responsible?
The driver...

The company has zero responsibility to maintain the vehicle.

It is the job of the driver to check the vehicle before they drive it...

I have not read of many persecutions regarding the accident either - well a 'donation' from the Visitor to Thailand to the owner of the second vehicle...

Happy Valentines Day................................... back by 10 or else

photo from ThaiVisa - permission requested

April Fool.....

That's what I thought until I realised that it was February still - but yes make sure that your children (<18) are back before 10 pm on Valentines Day...


Remove your shoes when you enter a Temple in Thailand.

There are a great many Buddhist temples that you can visit in Phuket – I believe that you should take the time to visit some of these beautiful places.

BUT I was very surprised yesterday.

During a visit to Wat Thepakajonjit on Rang Hill I indicated to 2 tourists from Europe (who had not removed their shoes) that I thought that they should remove their shoes…

Their reply was – “but it’s hot”.

Visitors to Thailand please respect the culture of Thailand, 
read a book before you come 
OR read the sign
OR it is hot in Thailand.

Phuket News January 2012

photo from Splash Jungle
An almost drowning on Nai Harn beach 
- but still in a comatose
but he  passed away.....
this is where we like to go with our daughter BUT the tides do change...

No I do not understand the Gun Laws in Thailand.

Tourist dies in a motorbike accident...
not so good idea to rent if you do not ride normally.

NATO worker dies in a motorbike accident...

Phuket Prestige divers save the tourists from a sinking vessel 
AND refunds their divers all of their money.

photograph from the Phuket Gazette
4 Tourists going to a magic show - CRASH..

3 drivers die on New Years day... and more during the Festive season!
BUT we have recorded two days without a casualty - is there a record?

A man sleeping under his truck dies as he is crushed...
NB: don't sleep underneath...

More casualties - a motorbike near to Heroine's Monument 

A 7 month pregnant woman dies when her motorbike crashes...
and the husband survives...
when will this carnage stop?

Drugs tests for Sure Restaurant and Bar - staff and guests

The Phuket Gazette take a poll - MUST visit in Phuket
Number one - Soi Bangla
What does this say about the readership of the Phuket Gazette?

The Czech beauties did not say hi to me :-(

Kit Homes in Australia?
DO NOT buy from Nair Homes - company director on the run in Phuket

Solar Power in Thailand - new technology?

Expat loan shark - prison, fined and extradited...
because business was lost to the farang or
no work permit?

Phuket waste of money 2012
Phuket Central Underpass

Do you want to know the statistics for the number of accidents in Thailand?
Do they count all the accidents?
Are all the accidents reported?

Tiger parts found in the post in Thailand 
and destined for China...
does this mean that the order is not filled and the price goes up and the order is made again?

Whoops - high rated customs official physically abuses airport security
Watch this

Chatuchak dangerous 
- electricity
- gangs

Man in Phuket dies of an electric shock from a fridge...

13th Old Phuket Town Festival & Phuket Chinese New Year Day

We were very lucky (or unlucky - I enjoy festivals in Phuket) this year that because of the lunar phases of the moon Chinese New Year was earlier this year and it was celebrated at the same time as the Old Phuket Town Festival.

There was a procession through Phuket Town to Queen Sirikit Park and the Chinese Dragon (Hai Leng Ong) in honour of H.M the King and the Chinese. The streets were wonderful and full of excited children who were happy to be there.

The evening was soon arrived but this did not detract us from the festivities.  In Queen Sirikit Park there was Chinese Dragon Dancing and a number of other stalls celebrating the Chinese Culture of Phuket.  There was a stall managed by Phuket ladies dressed in the traditional clothing – something that I do not see outside of the Baba Wedding Celebrations.

Candles and Chinese decorations surrounded the Giant Sea Dragon next to the TAT office – here you were able to light joss sticks (I did) and pray like you were able to in any other Chinese Shrine – but the English Telephone Box was a mystery.

Then the violinists...
Then these beauties...

where can I normally get these beauties?
Some of the roads were closed in Phuket Town and each street had stalls either side
 (lots of food) or you were able to walk down the middle.

– avoiding the children who were writing their names in chalk on the road.

Jemma and Chuen had a great time but then it began to rain… I took the opportunity for a coffee and then a change of clothes. I left the coffee shop after hearing the Thai National Anthem playing – I walked into Soi Romanee to see the Thai people standing still with a lighted candle and singing the Thai National Anthem – a great deal of respect.

The rain returned and I returned home wet but happy.