13th Old Phuket Town Festival & Phuket Chinese New Year Day

We were very lucky (or unlucky - I enjoy festivals in Phuket) this year that because of the lunar phases of the moon Chinese New Year was earlier this year and it was celebrated at the same time as the Old Phuket Town Festival.

There was a procession through Phuket Town to Queen Sirikit Park and the Chinese Dragon (Hai Leng Ong) in honour of H.M the King and the Chinese. The streets were wonderful and full of excited children who were happy to be there.

The evening was soon arrived but this did not detract us from the festivities.  In Queen Sirikit Park there was Chinese Dragon Dancing and a number of other stalls celebrating the Chinese Culture of Phuket.  There was a stall managed by Phuket ladies dressed in the traditional clothing – something that I do not see outside of the Baba Wedding Celebrations.

Candles and Chinese decorations surrounded the Giant Sea Dragon next to the TAT office – here you were able to light joss sticks (I did) and pray like you were able to in any other Chinese Shrine – but the English Telephone Box was a mystery.

Then the violinists...
Then these beauties...

where can I normally get these beauties?
Some of the roads were closed in Phuket Town and each street had stalls either side
 (lots of food) or you were able to walk down the middle.

– avoiding the children who were writing their names in chalk on the road.

Jemma and Chuen had a great time but then it began to rain… I took the opportunity for a coffee and then a change of clothes. I left the coffee shop after hearing the Thai National Anthem playing – I walked into Soi Romanee to see the Thai people standing still with a lighted candle and singing the Thai National Anthem – a great deal of respect.

The rain returned and I returned home wet but happy.