Phuket News January 2012

photo from Splash Jungle
An almost drowning on Nai Harn beach 
- but still in a comatose
but he  passed away.....
this is where we like to go with our daughter BUT the tides do change...

No I do not understand the Gun Laws in Thailand.

Tourist dies in a motorbike accident...
not so good idea to rent if you do not ride normally.

NATO worker dies in a motorbike accident...

Phuket Prestige divers save the tourists from a sinking vessel 
AND refunds their divers all of their money.

photograph from the Phuket Gazette
4 Tourists going to a magic show - CRASH..

3 drivers die on New Years day... and more during the Festive season!
BUT we have recorded two days without a casualty - is there a record?

A man sleeping under his truck dies as he is crushed...
NB: don't sleep underneath...

More casualties - a motorbike near to Heroine's Monument 

A 7 month pregnant woman dies when her motorbike crashes...
and the husband survives...
when will this carnage stop?

Drugs tests for Sure Restaurant and Bar - staff and guests

The Phuket Gazette take a poll - MUST visit in Phuket
Number one - Soi Bangla
What does this say about the readership of the Phuket Gazette?

The Czech beauties did not say hi to me :-(

Kit Homes in Australia?
DO NOT buy from Nair Homes - company director on the run in Phuket

Solar Power in Thailand - new technology?

Expat loan shark - prison, fined and extradited...
because business was lost to the farang or
no work permit?

Phuket waste of money 2012
Phuket Central Underpass

Do you want to know the statistics for the number of accidents in Thailand?
Do they count all the accidents?
Are all the accidents reported?

Tiger parts found in the post in Thailand 
and destined for China...
does this mean that the order is not filled and the price goes up and the order is made again?

Whoops - high rated customs official physically abuses airport security
Watch this

Chatuchak dangerous 
- electricity
- gangs

Man in Phuket dies of an electric shock from a fridge...