A celebration of Thai film – old school at Sukko Spa

I was lucky to receive an invitation to a celebration of the old Thai films that was held at the Sukko Spa.

On arrival I was greeted by a Volkswagon (which I am sure that I have seen before) which was armed with a plethora of toys which I could recall having. I entered cautiously and was greeted by a graciously dressed Thai lady with an ‘Angry Bird’ balloon – Jemma was happy.

On entering I was bombarded with brass instruments playing exciting tunes that I believe were commonly used for soundtracks to these films. I was then ushered into the pool area and immediately I was a large portable cinema screen showing a Thai film – the ambience was fun.

I strolled around sampling all of the local dishes which was started with a shot of ‘Ya Dong’ – powerful stuff…

There was what looked like a small show coming on later but I did not stay but what little time I spent there was fun….