Strange weather

After reading Jamie’s blog about the weather about the weather in Phuket and that we had had the same amount of rain in one day as we had in the same month in 2010 I realised that the weather system is ‘screwed up’.

Then I read about the storm blowing fishermen's boats against the rocks in Phuket.

The Weather sites change every hour - why are they called forecasts?
bbc weather
extreme sport

Then I read John Gray’s blog and that the weather today is as a result of the abuse and the lack of respect that we have shown this planet that we call home – “What do we expect?”

But nothing prepared for me for the latest post in the
Bangkok Post – Snow expected in Phuket

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Phuket News ++: March 2011

March was a busy month - it was my birthday...

We went to Disney on Ice in Bangkok - well I went shopping whilst my family went!

There was an 'Elephant Tragedy' - same company as previous my personal experience BUT no one lost their life...

A Finnish tourists dies in their room - but not suspicious (Police) 
Drive by shooting
Tourist dies in jet ski accident
A Englishman commits suicide 
A German man dies after Penile injection.. 
a lot of deaths... look at the related stories on previous link

Then there is an accident on Patong Hill - waiting to happen AND they want to build through it - NO THANK YOU

The contract for the beach lifeguards has expired - because?

A number plate for 1.4 million Baht - someone has too much money

Wear a condom - we are warned that HIV in Phuket ladyboys is up and also other young people (but the headline is not as grabbing).

A dead leather-back turtle (200kg).

Blackouts in Phuket - NOTHING to do with the preservation of power... that's coming soon...

Apparently a Jet-Ski accident.

Artificial reefs are sunk off the coast to attract fish and coral growth.
But didn't they sink planes recently?
How does this deter illegal fishing?

Lee Aldhouse extradition - good luck.

Meters for motorbikes! - in Phuket?!?

Missed the Heroine's Festival in Phuket.

A revered monk's (Luangta Maha Bua) bones enshrined in Wat Lang San in Phuket Town.

Still arguing over whether the Thai airways staff should be fit is a sexual discrimination issue OR simply to ensure passenger safety / safe fuel - which would have to include the passenger as well.

Okay NOT Thailand BUT Cambodia has issued a statement;
Male foreigners over 50 outlawed from marrying Cambodian Women
What's next for Thailand?
The same - same same

ATM skimmers caught in Phuket - apparently the scam is to skim the cards in Europe and print the cards in Thailand and use the Thai banks because their technology is old?

More control for fish spas needed - they always seemed to be too simple.

Then there is a baby surrogacy ring broken up in Bangkok
"The business, called Baby 101, advertises surrogate motherhood services in Thailand"

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Banning Books in Prisons?

Okay I read a lot of books that the guests leave me for other guests and find many inspiring books (but not always).

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Traveler
The Left Hand of God

and the Kasemkij company that I work for donate many of these books to foreigners currently serving time in Thai prisons (see previous blog)

Then I read in the Bangkok Post that the Corrections Department decided to ban all books because?

"Why has Klong Prem prison banned books?"

In Thailand, it seems that although prisoners are allowed television, they are not allowed to self-educate.

I wonder who made this decision towards further penal austerity and what the thinking is behind it? Would the government care to explain?
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Earth Hour Phuket

The Royal Paradise Hotel and surrounding businesses in Patong will be plunged into darkness for one hour from 8:30pm on March 26 to mark Earth Hour 2011. 

Phuket Gazette have the story - but originally they had the wrong hotel in the picture! ;-)

I hope all of the people around this area know.

Then I read in the Bangkok Post about the amount of fuel which is used for the travel by foreigners in Phuket on a visa run and think of the fuel that is used for this...

and we turn off some lights?

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Nuclear tragedy in Japan

We pray for those people who have had their lives destroyed by the Tsunami in Japan but the we read about the 'paperwork' being not exactly correct in the Nuclear Power Stations.
What would this control be like if it was managed by the Thai government?

"We are corrupt through and through.

From ex-PM Thaksin (PhD in Criminal Justice) to the cop who wants to give you a ticket.

Our army chief purchases equipment that works only one time in five, endangering his men's lives, e.g. GT200 bomb scanners. 

Our army can't even keep track of how many M16 rifles it has; our air force proudly buys Gripen jet fighters - used by no major air force in the world.

Forget nuclear power. 
Seek to fix our serious shortcomings instead. 
In the meantime, use something less dangerous"

This is taken from the Bangkok Post and written by a Thai

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Fish Spas can be dangerous.
For readers of my blog you would know that I have undergone a number of fish spas and my daughter Jemma has as well.

But now I read they can be dangerous.  From the article which I have read in the Bangkok Post I understand that it is more to do with the fish dying after a particular customer has used the fish spa.

So we have a new system - we have our own fish spa!

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Too heavy for exercise OR running loudly

Read a story in the Bangkok Post last week which told us about a runner in Bangkok who 'made too much noise' when he used the exercise machine in a Bangkok Health Club - and was subsequently asked to leave.

Then I read on a running machine that there is a weight limit for the runner?
Now I understand why there are always places to weigh yourself!

What's next?...
Too heavy for... the bar stool...
Too heavy for... the bed...

Too heavy for... the aeroplane...
A debate
Are you too fat?
A travel forum
It happened - Kevin Smith
They moved seats

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Phuket time share scheme warning

We are obviously assuming that the idiots who fall for these schemes are able to read?

Is there a poster in any other languages?

Is it okay to sell a "holiday home"?

Thai Visa report

The most common conversation I get of this is that the guest was approached at the airport for data collection and they have won a prize - they must collect this prize and listen to a few things before they receive it.

Absolut is the most common company running a scam
report 1
report 2
report 3
report 4

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Phuket News ++: February 2011

Whoops - missed the Deep South Food Fair and the Patong Gay Parade and the Chalong Temple Fireworks.

But the most disturbing thing that I have read this month is the amount of shootings that are taking place in Phuket - too many to list here, very depressing.  But then I read a story about the man who fled his assassination attempt...

Patong Tuk Tuk drivers complain about the new one way system change...

They are building a 'shelter' for tourists who 'fall on hard times'.  Is there any position the respective embassies take?

Is Lee Aldhouse coming back? - Read this

Why is the Mangrove area being destroyed now? Phuket does not need this land - maybe the people who willl have the land connected to it will?  My comment reflects the article written in the Phuket Gazette - who was involved and they need to be questioned.

Entertainers for Chinese New Year in Phuket Town.

Are they dreaming? - Tuk Tuks to set a maximum fare in Phuket...

Phuket Sea gypsies may lose their ancient burial ground.

Siam Safari have an accident, this time with the elephant - 
not sure that I should keep recommending them...

Sunbathing in Phuket topless is illegal - but nobody takes any notice.

Would you really hire a Jet Ski in Phuket... okay i did but it was 20 years ago...

The one way system in Patong is chaos - so they change it.
For better or worse?
The Tuk - Tuk drivers don't like it

Then I read...
Patong Deputy Mayor Chairat Sukhaban argued that ...
Open-air tuk-tuks were more expensive to buy than air-conditioned taxis, he added.

  Suvarnabhumi named 5th best airport - i would like to know what the others were AND it is not a super airport for the traveller, so who is marking it?

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