Wat Chalong Temple Fair 2014

What is a Temple Fair?

The Temple Fair is something which has grown from a tradition where the temple opened  their lands to the General Public to rent for a short period of time - the money made from this would then be given to the temple and they would be able to perform a number of necessary things, from painting to building and preservation.

It is clearly a good opportunity to make money because it was a very busy place last night  (opening early as well). It was even organized with parking for cars and motorbikes - a simple way to collect money.

I was immediately welcomed to Wat Chalong by the noise of praying monks - as I wondered in I was pleased to see that the first temple on the left had a collection of people outside it who were praying with the monks and they were also physically to the attached to the monks by the white string which is always unravelled.

This string was also wrapped around the elephants which stood outside the temple which was opposite - but visitors were allowed in this temple to pay their respects to the Buddha - Friday 31st is actually Buddha Day.

Then we wandered slowly and there was too much food to choose from - I started with the 'Old Man's Hair / Roti Sai Mai' which I love and written about here previously.

There was a number of places where you could purchase your insects. But I am not sure what all these ones were though - I haven't tried them all yet, but here's a list.

Then there was the cashew nuts cooked in sugar and then placed on a leaf - but i did not know that you were not supposed to eat the leaf and I was hungry!

Then came the clothes and the items - so much to see - it was almost like I was at the Weekend Market again! 

Then the walking sticks the same as the stairs.

Jemma was wearing a new dress for Chinese New Year so we said 'no' to the Bouncy Castle so yes to everything else.

The rollercoaster was a bit scary!

Then there was the peculiar animals - the mermaid

the 'snake girl'

the girl with only a head

Then a real crocodile!

and a real monkey?

I was glad that Jemma showed no interest in the Haunted House and going on another rollercoaster.

Then it was time for a plethora of games to try to won a prize - darts, fishing, throwing balls and...  - we didn't win anything though...

Then the fireworks exploded - much to the shock of us all.

Then it was time for an Issan sausage and they were delicious - I cannot remember what else I ate on the way home but it was all great food...

There were also the people selling the lottery tickets - they seem to get everywhere - i wonder if there is more luck if the ticket is purchased in the grounds of a Temple?

It was interesting to note that there was a sign to indicate that you were not to hug the Buddha - was there a problem with them taking photographs of them embracing a Buddha? This was also mentioned on foursquare.

I was looking forward to another location for a Twin Palms / Bake being open for a coffee later but it was closed at 6:30pm - - does it always close a this time?

Bizarre Foods in Phuket

Do I suggest that you try this?

Absolutely not but if you wanted to have a look at the episode it really is quite interesting, especially when you look at the photographs.

There is a market in Wat Chalong Temple Fair for the bugs.

Mor Mu Dong for a selection of dishes.

Where for the little crabs I don't know - Nai Yang Beach

Giant Sea Snails - Borae Market.

Cashew Nuts in different flavours - bizarre or have i been in Phuket too long?
The best flavour is the Cashew with the Wasabi!!!!!

Tripe Soup - is still tripe!!!!

 Not sure about the Red Ants and lizards though!!

Fish stomach sauce...

Horseshoe Crab and it's eggs

I prefer my reviews of all the restaurants....

Iced Thai coffee - a celebration

I visited the OTOP (One Tambon One Product) Festival in Phuket recently I was pleased to see that I could watch the gymnastics performed by the Barista's.

The peformance is a superb performance - I watched one recently at the post above and was thrilled. I looked up on the Internet about this and found a competition where a professional network of Barista's needed to produce a set of coffees.

There was nothing to about the display that I was able to watch here!

The mixing of the coffee does not seem to take up a lot of the assessment that is made about the coffee - in fact i think that here in Thailand a lot is given to the Barista and their display than the taste of the coffee BUT then again we do give value to the things which look better?

If anyone knows some more about this art please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Bean to Coffee

There was a promise that I made to my parents when I came to live in Phuket and that was that I would never open a bar or a coffee shop - I never have and I never will.

The attractive proposition at the moment in Phuket seems to me to be opening a coffee shop - now I really would drink far too much if I was running a coffee shop - I think that I will stick to writing about coffee shops in Phuket...

These photographs were taken a year ago (before they demolished Thainaan Restaurant) of a coffee shop / mall project. It is actually behind a failed Yoga project which was built from the ashes of a Fitness gym...

So i guess they are other projects which may look attractive but are not as easy as one thinks that they are.

It did look like an attractive project but looking at it's position was it really in a good place? Would it have been a success? What was planned for this area?

I think that I will stick going to work each morning...

Refuse bags and the beach

Who throws all of their rubbish into the ocean?

This rubbish is usually a mixture of items cooked and then tossed into the Ocean.

This does mean that the boat comes prepared with the black bin bags - so that they can dispose of their rubbish easily and less guilty?

The meanings of the postures of the Buddha - Wednesday

This Buddha is from Wat Phra Tong

In every temple there a number of different Buddhist states and each one has a different meaning - this does not remain consistent when I read all the documentation BUT I have chosen this one from Willy.

The Buddha image for Wednesday is standing and holding an alms bowl with both hands.

It indicates the time Buddha returned to see his father after four years in his ministry. In the early morning, monks make their alms rounds to collect food. Buddha did the same and his father was appalled that Buddha was "begging" for food. Buddha calmed his father informing him that the lineage of Buddhas was to perform 'Pindabat' to be available to followers who devotedly bring food.

If you were born on the morning of this day:
You are polite, artistic and emotional, most likely working creatively.
Lucky day is Wednesday night and lucky color is green
Unlucky day is Tuesday and unlucky color is pink.

If you were born on the evening of this day:
You are hard working and honest, likely to be employed in a profession.
Lucky day is Monday and lucky color is white
Unlucky day is Thursday and unlucky color is yellow.

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