The meanings of the postures of the Buddha - Wednesday

This Buddha is from Wat Phra Tong

In every temple there a number of different Buddhist states and each one has a different meaning - this does not remain consistent when I read all the documentation BUT I have chosen this one from Willy.

The Buddha image for Wednesday is standing and holding an alms bowl with both hands.

It indicates the time Buddha returned to see his father after four years in his ministry. In the early morning, monks make their alms rounds to collect food. Buddha did the same and his father was appalled that Buddha was "begging" for food. Buddha calmed his father informing him that the lineage of Buddhas was to perform 'Pindabat' to be available to followers who devotedly bring food.

If you were born on the morning of this day:
You are polite, artistic and emotional, most likely working creatively.
Lucky day is Wednesday night and lucky color is green
Unlucky day is Tuesday and unlucky color is pink.

If you were born on the evening of this day:
You are hard working and honest, likely to be employed in a profession.
Lucky day is Monday and lucky color is white
Unlucky day is Thursday and unlucky color is yellow.

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