Bizarre Foods in Phuket

Do I suggest that you try this?

Absolutely not but if you wanted to have a look at the episode it really is quite interesting, especially when you look at the photographs.

There is a market in Wat Chalong Temple Fair for the bugs.

Mor Mu Dong for a selection of dishes.

Where for the little crabs I don't know - Nai Yang Beach

Giant Sea Snails - Borae Market.

Cashew Nuts in different flavours - bizarre or have i been in Phuket too long?
The best flavour is the Cashew with the Wasabi!!!!!

Tripe Soup - is still tripe!!!!

 Not sure about the Red Ants and lizards though!!

Fish stomach sauce...

Horseshoe Crab and it's eggs

I prefer my reviews of all the restaurants....