Bizarre Foods in Phuket

Do I suggest that you try this?

Absolutely not but if you wanted to have a look at the episode it really is quite interesting, especially when you look at the photographs.

There is a market in Wat Chalong Temple Fair for the bugs.

Mor Mu Dong for a selection of dishes.

Where for the little crabs I don't know - Nai Yang Beach

Giant Sea Snails - Borae Market.

Cashew Nuts in different flavours - bizarre or have i been in Phuket too long?
The best flavour is the Cashew with the Wasabi!!!!!

Tripe Soup - is still tripe!!!!

 Not sure about the Red Ants and lizards though!!

Fish stomach sauce...

Horseshoe Crab and it's eggs

I prefer my reviews of all the restaurants....


  1. The bangtao beach is very beautiful not many peple Dry season swimming is excellent, and at the bay's north end is a smaller bay, almost completely enclosed, at the mouth of which is some fine coral. Plenty of places to eat, tour companies, and other tourist facilities are available either at Laguna or in the nearby town of Cheong Thale. Yesterday i walk at Bliss Beach Club and bought a delicious herbal beverage it difficult for find to drink they call Malva Nut flesh in the eastern jungle only one in phuket If you have tasted to like it. Can go to tast on front of the beach at the Bliss Beach Club Bangtao

  2. Malva Nut flesh drink! - this is something I have not tried previously - thanks :)


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