A trip to Koh Chang

We woke early to get the 7am mini-bus from the Suvarnabhumi airportWe had coffees and chocolate from Dean & Deluca and got on at around the expected time. We stopped on the way at a local restaurant (Rastplatz) and had fried rice for breakfast.

We soon arrived at the Ferry Port to Koh Chang Island - stopping only to wait for the ferry to arrive - 10 minutes... We arrived at Pineapple Bay Pier in about 25 minutes - enough time to take some photographs and have a coca cola. 

The mini-bus took us to our hotel AWA Koh Chang - 10 minutes.

Just enough time for a quick swim and find out that there was nothing on the Television system - but the water was hot!!

Off to dinner at the Koh Chang Wine Gallery - very nice food - the coffee was tasteless unfortunately, it was only a walk away from the hotel which meant it was very convenient for us. BUT we were in low season and many restaurants were closed. 

In fact I checked into an empty one - Mojito Bar Koh Chang (with staff) and was replied to on Facebook within an hour - impressed.

Breakfast was great - they had peanut butter and Vegemite BUT the music was terrible, it got worse when I recognised that there was only one track playing all day...

A truck arrived early to take us to Bang Bao Pier with Village and a trip to 5 islands!

Wonderful - the fish were wonderful and the sea was so clear - I was impressed.

The islands were very special - there was a local deer on one and the whole island is a National Park (i think).

On returning to the hotel we had dinner watching the sea and the lights. There was a fire eater at the hotel that night as well - the food was too spicy for me though! We took the bus to the Lonely Beach to meet friends - who had chosen 'Magic Garden' - where we had a beer. Then it was time for a coffee so we went to the Sleepy Owl.

The next morning we got up to go on a short tour of the island - well worth it.

A viewpoint, with ice-cream at the bottom.

We were taken to the Shrine of Admiral Krom Luang Jumborn Khet Udomsaki - with two machine guns in front - so I was unsure what it was before I got closer and read the name of the temple.

Two massive and colourful spiders were at the bottom of the steps...

Then a Chinese Shrine - Chao Por Koh Chang Shrine - a lovely place to visit at the top of the hill and everybody beeped their horns as they drove past.

Then time for a coffee - the driver chose Little Sunshine Boutique Beach Resort & Spa and what a lovely spot it was - a shame that the coffee machine did not work.

We then got out for the mini-bus and waited, with a coffee from the Cafe Amazon around the corner.

The driver was a little fast but we understood when we arrived at the ferry and they were already beeping the horn for leaving...

Then onto another mini-bus to take us home - stopping again at Rastplaz - the noodles were better than the fried rice we had for breakfast on the first journey.

Back to the airport where we took the taxi home - we will visit Koh Chang again.

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