Somebody said thank you

The reader was happy to visit Cape Kudu Hotel after reading timinphuket.

Plastic Bags

So more plastic bags at all these places - well done.

How about all these plastic bags....

Wat Benchamabophit - Marble Temple

Wat Benchamabophit is somewhere that I came across on a Walking Tour in Bangkok. The traditional name for this location is the 'Marble Temple' because of the construction using white Italian Marble.

The surrounding area was incredibly busy with guided tours and it was clear that it was a popular place to visit for them!  It was so busy that I was not approached when I walked in! 

Following up with this review I read on Wikipedia that this was a popular place

"This temple is sometimes used as part of a Gem scam in Bangkok. The scam involves tourists buying fake gem stones. This temple is part of the free tour offered to potential victims."

I was not approached by anyone for this. This is a wonderful temple to visit in Bangkok 

BUT I would try to visit it when there less people. Maybe visit at the same time as the donations are made (info from Wikipedia).

"Merit makers come to the monks of the temple for getting alms every morning. Between 6-7:30 in the morning, the monks line up on Nakhon Pathom with their bowls to receive donations of curry, rice, lotus buds, incense,toiletries and other essentials.The evening candlelight procession around the bot during the Buddhist festivals of Magha Puja (in February) and Visakha Puja (in May) are common for this temple."

Address: 344 Si Ayutthaya, Khwaeng Dusit, Khet Dusit, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10300
Hours: 6:30am - 6pm

Bird Identifier

I wonder what type of bird I can see?



Our database is maintained by scientists and collaborators around the world. We only take answers from trusted professional to train our machine learning algorithm so that it can give you the best result.


- Instantly identify any bird from photo or camera.

- High quality database maintained by scientists and collaborators around the world.

- Study captured bird on Wikipedia.

- Identify anywhere anytime even without internet access.

- Diary book for captured birds.

This was a very real pleasure when we visited Australia recently - will try Thailand next time.

Cost: $0.99
Ease of use: so simple and well organised App
Comment: wonderful

Wat Chiang Man

On a trip to Chiang Mai we visited Wat Chiang Man - the oldest Wat in Chiang Mai so there is a lot of history attached to it.

The elephant chedi which is surrounded by 15 stone elephants.

The larger Lanna style Viharn - 

"The larger of the two viharns is an impressive building with a three tiered roof. The front of the Lanna style viharn is decorated with wood carvings in gold and ochre colors.

The building was renovated in the 1920’s by the famous monk Khru Ba Srivichai. This viharn houses the oldest Buddha image in Chiang Mai. The image is a standing Buddha holding an alms bowl, the inscription on its base dates it to 1465." 
- information from renown travel.

Then there are the smaller buildings which have a smaller green Buddha (Phra Sae Tang Khamani). And it withstood the destruction of much of the temple by King Mengrai so now is believed to have special powers.

Then there is the Phra Sala in bas relief steel which I believe originally came from Sri Lanka and places an important part in the Songkran Festival each year in Chiang Mai.

Other Wats we have visited in Chiang Mai are Wat Inthawarat, Wat Sri Suphan and Wat Phra Singha.


So what do I need to wear today and
how much sun-tan lotion?


Everyday. sun rays (UVA/UVB) generate free radicals in the skin. One of the main factors behind the formation of dark spots, which make the complexion less even.

'UVmeter' will tell you UV Index at your current location.
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Real-time Ultraviolet Radiation Index evaluation based on publications of The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) of New Zealand and near-real-time Ozone datasets from OMI, AURA Satellite, NASA.

This was the first time that I tried this App - it was early in the morning...

Then this time I took a reading and it was raining and overcast...

Cost: $0.99
Ease of use: very simple
Comment: not sure of the results?

What's after 'Home Alone'?


Saw an advert for something when we visited the Sammakorn Weekend Market - I wonder whether they paid Macaulay Culkin for it? I wonder what Macaulay Culkin is doing after Home Alone and now?

A trip to Nakhon Nayok

We took a trip to Nakhon Nayok and saw a number of different things and going to a multitude of different places - not all of them I remembered.

We saw things from the car but we were not sure where we were...

Our first stop was at Suan Pa Inn Coffee Shop - great desserts and coffee and they sold plants outside.

Then there was a visit to Wat Sanititham...

Then the Buddhist Memorial Park / พุทธอุทยานมาฆบูชาอนุสรณ์ สวนพุทธชยันตี (ทางเข้า) - quite spectacular actually.

Then we popped quickly into Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam and we returned the next day to take a boat trip.

Time for some lunch and we chose to have it at the bottom of Nang Rong Waterfall - a nice spot. 

Then we found somewhere to stay - Reindeer Park Resort - all about reindeers And Christmas.

The next morning we were out into the water - visiting waterfalls

On returning I noticed that the water area was really quite small on Google...

Is there a Nazi insignia on the life jacket?

On the way home we stopped at a Rice Field - สะพานทุ่งนามุ้ย - quite lovely really - certainly worth the stop.

A shame rubbish was left discarded...

Then we found a wonderful white temple วัดธรรมปัญญา (Wat Thampanya) 

where there was also a Chinese Temple adjacent to it - there would be more photographs if I did not get a little too close to the dogs...

Lunch was at the Montreux Cafe and Farm - very nice.

Drove past a restaurant in the boat

and a lot more fields of rice

and field mice for sale by the side of the road - interested?