A trip to Koh Sichang

Koh Sichang is a small island of the cost of Thailand I left from Sri Racha on the boat. 

Here's where you get your ticket.

The journey was about 20 minutes and cost me 50 Baht.

Arriving in Koh Sichang I was immediately struck with the transport arrangements - I do not think that I have ever seen this type of vehicle previously.

I immediately wanted to see the places which I could see whilst on the ferry. We took off to take my suitcase to Somewhere where I would be staying.

I immediately took the taxi and went on a tour of the island.

The first stop was ศาลเจ้าพ่อเขาใหญ่ - this was certainly a special place to visit - a Chinese Shrine in the hills accessible by a tram (which wasn't working on that day).

After climbing up the stairs.

Quite a view from up here!

Then there was a visit to the summer palace of Rama V - a beautiful place to escape to.

There is a lot to see here OR have a wedding photograph here?

Then it was time for a coffee - Flower Blu Cafe & BistroThen back to Somewhere to unpack, shower and change....

Then off again - my first stop was the Yellow Buddha (หลวงพ่อเหลือง ถ้ำจักรพงษ์) which was up a long  steep hill (actually it was above the Chinese Shrine).

Then back in the motorbike to visit the Buddha's Footprint.

Then a climb up some steps to reach a beautiful viewpoint.

Then a visit to the Vashiravut Bridge 

and crossing it to watch the sunset at the Viewpoint!  

Then back to Somewhere and The Verandah and some e-san sausages - delicious.

Then a quick dip 

and a cocktail whilst the sunset.

I am certainly going to visit Somewhere and Koh Sichang again - I found out that there was more to see...

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