Phuket News: 12 Dec - Dec 26

Pet Festival of Thailand - SuanSampan, Nakhon Pathom 18-20 December.
What is this?

Stopping plastic bags in Phuket - watch this space - February 14th 2010.....................

Australians caught shoplifting at Phuket airport......... 
Point - if you shoplift at night the penalty is greater than if it is during the day - does anyone know when day becomes night - just in case?

Patong Aqua Zone - not visited yet - now I would like a web cam to view this!
Aqua Zone is near to the Patong Garden Bay Garden Resort
Bangtao Night fishing games

Simone - Soi Bangla Ladyboy

Do you recognise them? 
Have you met them?

Lisa Andrews is looking for them

happy air flying from PHUKET to HATYAI. 

PMBC - Rehabilitation of Coral Reefs in Thailand
PMBC - Baby Dolphin dies
PMBC - False Killer Whales (old news)

Getting a taxi in Phuket?

It is expensive to hire a taxi in Phuket, there are metered taxis but they are only available from the airport?
Click here for a blog discussion regarding this situation.

Tantalizing Thai Beer Calendar

Not quite about Phuket but an entertaining story none the less - only in Thailand.  A Company that brews beer in Thailand produce a calendar of Thai women with painted outfits on.
The staff member who distributed the poster has since resigned..... BUT ........

If you would like to see what all the commotion is please watch this video

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Sand Sculpting in Phuket

Sand Sculpting is here in Phuket - my daughter loved the shark that she found on the beach near where we live - South Phuket.

Where else do they do this?
Who did this?
Can they teach me?

I found some more information about Sand Sculpting - click here.
There are some books about it - click here for Amazon.

What's the weather like?

Well I have to admit to not being the purveyor of this - that belongs to Jamie in Phuket.

You cannot have an overview of the whole island but it does give you a good idea of what is happening today.

Here are 2 links to Phuket's Beach Web Cams

There are a plethora of web cams in Phuket but they are not all of the beach!

Here are 2 links to bars in Patong

What do you think of Web Cams in public places? - Vote in the margin.

Phuket News: Nov 26 - Dec 11

Don't go fishing where you are not allowed - how do we find out? Please email me if you have any details.

Fined for fishing in a public park - Rama IX - in Phuket Town!

Tales of the park;
 - did you know that a man was found shot in the park 2 days previous to this incident?
 - on August 4th men poisoned the fish in the park (80 kilos)

Buy your flowers at the front of the park - Suan Luan Flowers!

This family paid a lot for their excess luggage. The rates for excess baggage on Thai Airways are printed somewhere - if you can find it please email timinphuket.

All I can say is that you should always dress well, speak well and NOT be rude, may be there will not be any charge? Did they follow all these tips?

Is there a need in Phuket for a HI-Tech Car Wash? 
What is wrong with the boys? - our favourite are the ones in Central carpark.

We missed having Ray Clemence at the Cape Panwa Hotel - he stayed somewhere else :-(

The contract for the lifeguards on Phuket has finished? - click here

The market in Phuket Town should be opening in February 2010.  

It cost 167 million Baht, it was completed on the 23rd June 2009 - the buildings are 4 stories and there are a total of 27 shophouses - work that one out?