My Mate Nate - who?

So how does this guy live here without work permit and earn money with YouTube and have staff - I am lost...

Fined 5,000 Baht for railway prank - YouTube removed.

Thai people sign a petition to kick him out - here it is.

And posts his cat fighting with a scorpion?

A painted Jaguar

Please help me to understand why someone would paint a Jaguar like this?

Last month it was snow balls - I love Thailand.

Chocolate gifts - Julie's chocolate waffles

Walking along the street in Bangkok - Sukumvit Road after lunch at Embassy Park Plaza and thinking of chocolate and 

there it was Julie's Chocolate Waffles - piles of it

being given away

Thank you Julie.

Western - 'beg packers' in Thailand

Living in Bangkok and wandering around I see this but Richard Barrow has helped by producing this

Q & A from the TAT about reports that some tourists were refused entry to Thailand

If you read the Q&A then if you are coming as a tourist and are worried it should be read, in the words which I have read from here.

"My opinion on this is that Immigration are cracking down on people using tourist visas to work or live in Thailand. The average tourist coming here on a two week holiday is not going to get refused entry. But, if they are suspicious, Immigration may ask for some documents like hotel bookings, onward flight and maybe cash."

"This random inspection only aims at tourists who may appear as not being able to cover their travel expenses during their stay in Thailand. Thai Immigration will take into consideration all possible facts or information provided by the tourists before making an informed decision whether to grant an entry."

Snakes and a day off in Bangkok

Having a day off is always a pleasure and it is always worth organizing something. We decided to visit the Snake Farm. The only choices we had were how we were going to get there...

A 10 baht bus was the best start. 

Followed by a trip down the Soi for another 10 Baht. Then the River Taxi was our next call - not for everybody.

Arriving there and we did not want to walk we took a Tuk Tuk - which is always a lot of fun - these spiderwebs have been added to reduce the amount of bag snatching which has occurred from them.

Arriving at the Snake Farm and we looked around the snakes and into the building - worth visiting if you want to know more about snakes - more to come on -

The show was both informative and entertaining - we would return again. Then we were on a mission to find a DVD - Patong was not ready at that time - so we took a Tuk Tuk to Pratunam.

Wow - endless amounts of clothing in such a small area was incredible. Apparently this is real human hair - I wonder how this can be true?

There were the fancy Shopping Malls and then the side streets - the only difference was the air-conditioning - more to come on -

On leaving we were unable to go anywhere as the police had stopped all the traffic for someone. Then back on the river taxi - a great day out.

Bangkok 101 - July

Do you want to have a look at some interesting things which are happening in Bangkok and other places around Thailand?

Pick up a Bangkok 101.

Think we will visit Samut Songkhram next - a great article. And Richard Barrow was in it as well...


Birds in Bangkok

Unfortunately this is typical of the birds that you will see in Bangkok - high above the sky when you take the BTS. Do you know how they make bird's nest soup?

Do you think that the people advertising the product know this? BUT this is only the commercial form - there are a multitude of places in Bangkok to try it it is a little bizarre.

Is the commercial one different from the Traditional?

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Phuket Gateway - a shopping mall

Phuket Gateway is underused...

"An outline of the renovation plans for the Phuket Gateway, which is located at the northern tip of the island near where the Sarasin Bridge joins Phuket to the mainland, was announced by Governor Norraphat during a press conference at the site 4:50pm, yesterday (June 29)."

Well here was my visit in 2012. I was not sure it was used? So we are going to have a shopping mall there - good luck.

Plastic Free July

Saw this in City Life for Chiang Mai - think it is a good idea look at how much plastic we use and is it all really necessary?

Please think twice. 
(Image is from

Swearing at Work

Now living in Thailand I don't hear all this - but I wonder if there is a translation...

July - You know you lived in Thailand when...

After moving to Bangkok I have become aware of things which are now normal to me because I live here – and subsequently a facebook site about this “You Know You've Lived In Thailand when.....” –   
so once a month I will contribute to this.

            July – You continue to eat your lunch when you don’t know what it is and don’t flinch on seeing a cockroach, continuing to eat your lunch.