Phuket News ++: March 2010

The 11th Thailand International Kite Festival was on the 13th and the 14th. We did not make it down for that one - we chose to visit Bangkok......

The army panel who approved the spec of the 350 million baht airship will be called into account?......................... watch this space.........

Stolen arms to fuel the 'Red March'......... then blood on the streets (donated blood) - the Christian Science Monitor put it on the top of a list of 10 weirdest protests.

Read a great deal of chatter about the new full body x-ray machines.  Pakistan lawmakers refuse / 2 muslim women refuse I would have to say that you do have a choice - get on the aeroplane or not - are they an invasion of privacy?  Until I walk through one I do not know.

I could not ignore this piece about Thaksin and his watches from the Bangkok Post though.

The story regarding the two tourists involved in a motorbike accident, driving on the wrong side of the road? and killing a young Thai man was made a little more poignant when the staff was from the Cape Panwa Hotel.

I did not read or hear a lot about the Patong Pride Party - info.

Phuket International Womens Group (PWIC) have their AGM at the Royal Meridien.

Many stories were simple continuation of last months stories - Thaksin and the GT 200 saga being the main 2 so I have not written about them.  But there is an Islamic panel demanding retrials for 'insurgents'.

Is Don's Mall being Liquidated? - an advert in the Phuket Gazzette

Coral smugglers caught in Phuket

The new (completed) Bus station is going to open 'mid-year' at the earliest - 
that reminds me - when is the market going to open in Phuket Town?

A kayak trip from Phuket to California is 'on hold at the moment'.

Quote: "Trailers and sidecars are normally illegal" - Phuket Land Transport Office

There is still nobody who has wanted to supply Phuket Island with lifeguards - with all of this money for these Tsunami buoys being spent how does the swimmer know to get out if there are no life guards?

Last but not least - Wahoopia II

Bring your boat!


The Local Fare for Laem Panwa School at Phuket Aquarium

Whilst I was at our Management Cocktail Party in the local village there was a lot of noise coming from outside from an event that I have previously enjoyed nearly passed me by - there was a Fair in the car park of the Phuket Aquarium to raise money for the local school in Laem Panwa.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend but I was able to run in and have a look - and grab a candy floss!

The atmosphere was one of pure happiness - there was staff there with their children and there was an abundance of food stalls to serve all Thai tastes.

There was a show on of the local children performing songs and dances - it was a wonderful atmosphere - it was just a shame that I was at work.


What will happen to this beautiful country?

I do hope that the country does not fall apart and the country stands behind their king.


Strawberry Cheesecake - with a difference

Tuesday 16th -  girls were on the beach singing and playing around - they may be visiting 
Splash Jungle - the show will be broadcast in April.


Phuket Heroine's Memorial Fair 2010

On the 13th of March there was the Heroine's Memorial Fair......... but i missed it - i had an excuse - it was my birthday.


Jamie Monk had this - The Heroine's Fair celebrates the famous battle of Thalang in 1785 when the people of Phuket forced out Burmese invaders thanks to the leadership of Chan and Mook, 2 local ladies who were later honored by the King and given the honorary titles Thao Thep Kasattri and Thai Sri Sunthorn. The fair has many food stalls, arts and crafts, performances and a spectacular theatrical performance featuring hundreds of participants recreating the history of the heroines and the battle.

6th Annual Hua Tong Boat Race

The 6th Annual 'Hua Tong Boat Race'.  It was at Ao Por Pier in Pa Khlok. A number of dignitaries were there to watch it and Phuket TV do have some footage on it.

First place got 6,000 Baht. I could not find a photo, only a video (Phuket TV) - The photo  is from a similar race in Krabi, it is not mine -


Traveling in Thailand - March 13th......

This advice has been reviewed and reissued with an amendment to the Summary (planned demonstrations in Bangkok from 12 March). The overall level of the advice has not changed; we currently advise against all travel to some specific areas of Thailand and all but essential travel to other specific areas of Thailand.

This is information posted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK).