Tales of Songkran

What else was Songkran about for the Media?

299 people killed in the celebration
"In 2010, there were officially 361 deaths and 3,802 injured during Songkran"
"7 dead and 52 injured in Phuket"

A complaint about 3 dancing Thai women topless

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pattaya addicts forum
Thailand News
Ajaarn forum

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Songkran in Phuket

What can I say but Songkran Festival in Phuket was superb again!

The temple visit in the early hours was wonderful and reminded us all what Songkran was all about.

Driving through Phuket Town was fun and of course Russell was waiting at the Sunset Bar to ambush us when we returned.

Sunset Bar photos
There was a party on the beach so that the games continued - powder was thrown, water splashed and smiles were shared.

The evening finished with spirit balloons - beautiful.

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Things people do in Phuket that they would not do at home

This is not my list - I found it in the Phuket Post.

1) Walk around in air conditioned shopping malls without a top.

2) Walk around barefoot on filthy Patong Streets.

3) Walk around drinking alcohol out of cans / bottles AND be over 25 years old.

4) Foreign gentlemen walking around without a care in the world that the 'lady' on his arm is wearing thigh-high leather boots, tiny hot pants while eyeing up her next customer.

5) Foreign women walking around without a care in the world that the 'gentleman' on her arm is eyeing up the woman with thigh-high leather boots and tiny hot pants.

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Music on hold...

It has been a busy week and I have had enough of being on hold and listening to Greensleeves, Beauty and the Beast, David Cassidy and a pianist on LSD whilst waiting...

So who is your worst?

I have to say that Thai Airways is actually quite pleasant.
I will find / ask who is singing and congratulate them on choosing a piece of music which is calming whilst others only annoy me... BUT that might be the reason...

There are a number of sites where this is also a discussion.
PCWorld forum
neatorama - with examples!!!!

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Phuket taken hostage again...

Phuket survives on tourism.

If this saga continues there will be no tourism - then nobody will have anything.

Read further for PR for Phuket...

 Phuket Gazette - Comments (Page 1)

 Phuket Gazette - Comments (Page 2)

Thai visa comments

Phuket Wan  comments

Cruise Compare  report

Subzero Siam  comments

Tripadvisor comments...

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Liverpool Legends come to Phuket

Phuket Gazette details

Tickets on sale 1st April - http://www.footballlegendstour.com

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