Do you order an Iced Coffee?

Am I supposed to feel guilty when I order an Iced Coffee? I like one ever so often...

Healthy Thai drinks

Sometimes in need of a Healthy Drink?

Here is a selection for you to choose from.

Poster is from Amazing Thailand.

That snake was big!!

Wow - this was certainly a big snake. I really do need to work out how to take photographs in the dark OR use video.

It was big!!

Paper models in Phuket

This paper model shop has been in Phuket for a number of years. I have visited the coffee shop a number of times Phuketique and always popping whilst waiting for the bus...

But I am not allowed take a photograph - here are some that i took a snap of when I walked past

Thai single dish meals

Thai food can be so simple.
Here are single dish meals - easy to prepare but still tasty.

Poster is from Amazing Thailand.