GT 200 - and other fairytales

Wednesday 17th 
 - (scientific testing shows that) - performs worse than a roll of dice.  Prime minister Abhisit scraps any further orders.  BUT sniffer dogs cannot be used because of 'cultural concerns'.
Thursday 18th 
 - soldiers stop using them in the South - resorting to putting chopsticks into petrol tanks. The price for each GT200 was from 550,000 to 1.2 million baht - depending on which card was fitted. The GT 200 is made by a British company - ComsTrac. 
Friday 19th 
 - Headline - 'Army stands by GT200'. The GT 200 is made by Global Technical Ltd and supplied by Avia Satcom - Prime minister Abhist will find them accountable - good luck, to open a can of worms involving so many people.
 - Opinion & Analysis - interesting reading - the military refuses to accept the results for fear of 'losing face'.
Saturday 20th
 - GT 200 does not work AND neither does 'sky dragon' - article from the Bangkok Post
Thursday 25th
 - The army is looking at Alpha 6 - also made by ComsTrac and powered by static electricity

Wikipedia deleted their link
Then I read about a number of more devices which are made to detect.......

Then I read about 

Read a lot about Pa Cheng and her miraculous medical cures - AND THEN about when her miracle cures didn't work.

Did you know that there are 27 airports in Thailand - "ministers sought budgets to build airports in their provinces as a display of their power and their charisma - Nakhon Ratchasima, Buri Ram, Roi Et, Loei, Kamphaeng Phet ........

Then there is the Ratchasima College that their nursing students could not get jobs because the Thailand Nursing Council indicated that their degree was not to the standards needed.

The list is quite clearly endless.