Luang Prabang and the Mekong River

We had a lovely trip to Luang Prabang and the Mekong River - an extremely photogenic spot.

We managed to have a beer next to the river at Belle Rive.

And we crossed the river to visit some temples.

There was an opportunity to have dinner on the river but it did not appeal to us. 

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สะเลเต 4

We have visited a number of these restaurants - สะเลเต - we have visited a number of these Som Tum  restaurants BUT this is the one closest to us.

BUT I would have to add that they are very popular with the local Thai people and subsequently the food is usually spicy.

It is certainly authentic - not sure about the intestines though...

They did make a Som Tum for me though...

Not sure whether these are spelling mistakes...

Sammakorn Market - ตลาดนัดสัมมากร

Sammakorn Market (ตลาดนัดสัมมากร) is somewhere we visit on a regular basis - for breakfast and I like to go shopping for some DVD - my wife loves the collection of clothes the they have - and there is a lot of them!

We go so regularly that the staff know what I would like for breakfast now!

Found more Peter Rabbit stuff this week - I wonder where they are made?

Lot's of toys and.shirts to choose from.

Do you want a bag?

Do you want anything for the kitchen or the house?

We usually have our breakfast at the back from a number of different places BUT I have yet to find a very good place for a traditional Thai tea...

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After You

After You is a popular Dessert Cafe that we visit often - more often than I write about here

A place that is always a pleasure.

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Phone Number: 02 363 3576
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: The Mall, Bangkapi
Hours: 11am - 10pm

3 days in Luang Prabang - day 3

Our last day involved a later morning and we met 

Damian at Belle Rive for breakfast. Damian came to work with me 5 years ago when I worked at Cape Panwa Hotel - now he is the Managing Director of this special place.

The highlight of the breakfast was the delicious local coffee - thanks.

Then we were off on a trip to the temples on the other side of the Mekong River. 

We took a local boat over

and then we climbed the steep steps. 

There were some friendly dogs and their puppies on the way.

We were not sure of the names of the temples (here is the Google Map outline). Then we were asked to pay some money (10,000) each. Which was not expected but there were tickets BUT we did not give to the children asking for money. I have read that you are able to avoid them on some paths?

The temples were definitely in need of some restoration and / or looking after but it was certainly worth the trip up there.

Wat Chomphet Santi

This was the first Wat when we made our way up the steps from the local boat - and this was in the need of much restoration but what a beautiful view!

There was a monk watering his plants - really quite peaceful and special. I did not begrudge the money.

Wat Long Khounenaaran

The second Wat was also reached on steps but thankfully they were not steep.

and inside.

This Wat also asked for money - which we gave - there was more care taken here and the surrounding areas seemed to have a number of monks - the temple looked in need of some restoration but very nice.

Wat Tham Sakkalin

The third Wat was a very real delight as it was covered in images for the teaching of Buddhism - quite lovely. 

There were also two children which looked like they were playing on a phone sitting behind the Wat.

Adjacent to this were more steps up into the mountains and here were gates which had a gate in front - we did not enter and were not approached by anyone.

We walked back to the boat - where the locals were weaving - some baskets we think. Then it was back to Dennie's to get our bags to get to the airport.

Where we got a flight home in the early evening.

A wonderful trip - this must be done if you visit here - we are going again.

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