A link between Thai people and sleeping

A common topic that you will read about in the local newspapers is the complaint Westerners make regarding the amount of noise from the establishment next door.

Now a person of Thai Heritage does not usually generate a complaint of this type and it is not always clear why.  One would generally assume that it was the whinging expat of some country who cannot handle the Karaoke Bar closing at 2 am in the morning whilst the Thai man is probably singing and guzzling ‘Black Label’ whisky.

Well the expat is not ‘always’ wrong. 
(Ed – just usually).

However the Thai people are generally further along the evolutionary chain than many Western Countries – bar Spain.  Specifically the Thai person is able to selectively dismiss noises when they want to sleep and can sleep anywhere!

(Ed wife – my husband can selectively dismiss questions as well!)

Do not walk around with lots of cash - especially @ 11pm!

A 'farang' is walking home and 

"Swedish tourist Peter Wentzel, 40, was walking along the Karon beach road at 11:30pm last night when two foreign women pulled up in front of him on a motorbike and asked for cigarettes, reported this morning’s edition of Siangtai Daily.

Suddenly, one of the women ripped a gold chain from around his neck and swiped his mobile phone as well as 8,000 baht in cash before they sped off toward Karon Circle."

How did he actually lose the money to two women riding on a motorbike?
Was there a gun involved?
Were his hands tied?

A moral: DO NOT smoke.

What's coming here?

I jogged to work this morning and I noticed that the Oil Terminals 
were no longer there - what is going to come next?

View tim in Phuket in a larger map

I don't think that Cape Panwa / Ao Makham needs another hotel?
There is an empty hotel opposite The Chalet already...

One Tambon One Product Fair 2012

We visited the 'One Tambon One Product Fair OTOP fair at Sapan Hin - full details can be found here.

Jemma thought that the Traditional Thai Dance of the 'Kinaree' was wonderful - she smiled and cheered when the 'bird' escaped the hunter and was worried if she thought that the pretty bird was going to be caught.  There is a traditional story that accompanies this dance and the Thai airways inflight magazine is the same name - do Thai airways capture all the pretty young girls?

The sausages, coffee and people were wonderful. I have one question regarding the wood carver - I think that he keeps all the wood chips in a bag - is this because the wood is special?


Thai elephant killed and mutilated for restaurant?

Thai Elephant pic from Wikipedia
Elephant parts found........

But does this mean that in the future the parts become more valuable?

The world's longest kiss... okay not in Phuket BUT in Thailand

photo from China Daily - permission requested
Found this in the Phuket News and China Daily.

What got struck me first from the Phuket News report was the fact that the writers seemed to be obsessed with the sexuality of one of the couples; one of the couples was homosexual, okay it might be an item to be stated to ensure people know that this record is open to anyone...
then the China Daily Report was preoccupied with the sexuality of the persons who entered into the competition THEN the readers were as bad as the newspaper editors - does this tell us something about the writers and readers?

Elephant 'babies for rent' in Phuket...

image from the Phuket Gazette - permission requested

Laguna Excursions Limited in Cherng Talay
who deny wrong doing...
ATV Sea View On Tour in Chalong
Siam Safari in Chalong
At Hill Adventure in Chalong

The police are determined to find out whether the babies and mothers have the correct documentation to be in Phuket AND determine whether the baby is the mothers - DNA...

Let's see...

Not all tourists come to Phuket to enjoy the sun...

This list was released by Phuket Wan regarding the registered / released list of foreigners "who have allegedly broken the Thai law during their stay in Phuket " - quote Phuket Wan.

JefferyScott Morrison America November 17 Patong marijuana possession
Jibilou Sebastien France November 18 Patong mariajuana possession
Baukens Keven Belgium November 18 Patong mariajuana possession
Mazzawi Shabib Israel November 19 Patong mariajuana possession
Stephen Taylor Britain November 21 Phuket airport construction with no permit 
Aleksei Omelianchuk Russia November 23 Patong production of illegal drug
Alexander Danilov Russia November 23 Patong production of illegal drug
Khedri Fahd France November 23 Patong assault
Stephen David Paker Britain November 23 Tungtong 
Paul John Britain November 23 Patong drink and drive
Florent Gny Fache France November 25 Patong drink and drive
Bjorn Lennart Sweden November 25 Phuket City No work permit
Jan Margret Australia November 26 Patong Drink and drive
Hani India November 28 Patong No work permit
Ummed Simggh Rawat November 28 Patong No work permit
Pritam Singh November 28 Patong No work permit
Abdullah Muhammad Pakistan November 28 Patong No work permit
Bayon Anthony France November 28 Patong drink and drive

Ioannis Skoutelas Greece December 1 Patong no work permit
Olabode Fashina South Africa December 2 Phuket City visa overstay
Alexander Bernerson Sweden December 3 Phket City robbery
Marcel Hazar France December 4 Patong drink and drive
Sergey Kuzmin Russia December 5 Patong robbery
Naser Amin Jordan December 14 Patong robbery
Meier Roman Switzerland December 16 Patong cocaine
Arnavi Vadra Israel December 21 Thalang no guide work permit
Konatantinkhomotov Russia December 22 Thaland drink and drive
Pavel Zhuravlev Russia December 25 Kamala possession of ya ice 
Vladimir Svetli Chnyy Russia December 25 Patong possession of marijuana
Anthony Thomas Granata America December 28 Thalang No work permit
Alpay Alostor Ressel Philippines December 28 Thalang No work permit
Faaloga Luke Tovia New Zealand December 29 Phuket City 


Paden John Hughes Australia January 4 Patong possession of restricted drug 
Nathan Frank Alexander Wojcik Australia January 4 Patong possession of restricted drug
Diego Dandello Italy January 5 Patong mairjuanna possession
Setterlund Svanta Per Olof Sweden January 5 Phuket City no visa or work permit
Shankar Sunil India January 7 Tachatchai Possession of a restricted drug
Frendrik Stefan Franzen Sweden January 8 Patong Drink and drive
Ollimatti Olavi Vehkalahti Finland January 8 Patong Drink and drive
Georgi Andrew Russia January 9 Jet-ski fraud in dispute
Vladimir Pashnin Russia January 18 Kamala no permit to work as a guide 
Alena Kiseleva Russia January 18 Kamala no permit to work as a guide
Beilken Dane Paul Australia January 21 Tachatchai possession of marijuana
Alexander Ivannikov Russia January 23 Patong possession of marijuana
Ilya Ivannikov Russia January 23 Patong possession of marijuana
Adel Pashin Russia January 29 Patong robbery 
Valery Vivolonets Russia January 29 Patong robbery 
Robert Scott Eaton America January 29 Patong robbery, no visa

Maxx Wiliem Tigerstam Sweden February 1 Patong possession of a restricted drug
Saud Amah Faircz Kuwait February 1 Patong driving dangerously
Jean Filip Boivie Sweden February 1 Patong no visa
Farkas Ferenc Gyula Hungary February 2 Phuket City no visa 
Simon Beriev Russia February 3 Patong possession of marijuana 
Aubrey Rose Pengson Philippines February 3 Patong no visa, no work permit
Sarabeth Servito Philippines February 3 Patong no visa, no work permit
Henry King Lee Philippines February 3 Patong no visa, no work permit
Ahton Chursin Russia February 4 Patong no work permit 
Vladislav Drashchev Russia February 7 no visa
Van Der Sanden Netherlands February 8 Patong drinking and driving 
Tarrex Ziadi France February 11 Patong no visa, opened pub
Gregory David Young Australia February 11 Patong drink and drive 
Gregory Mikael Powell America February 15 Patong drink and drive
Moshe Shlomo America February 15 Patong robbery
Moritz Michael Hutter Switzerland February 15 drink and drive
Kim Myunghee South Korea February 18 Phuket City no visa, open pub
Dillon Thomas Deroche Canada February 20 Patong drink and drive, no licence
Kharitonov Roman Russia February 20 Patong drink and drive, no licence

And what happened to all of these people?

ATM skimmers are in Patong...

image from funny fly - permission requested

Well this is another reason to avoid Patong BUT if you need to visit Patong 
the Siam Commercial Bank stated:

1) Never allow anyone to ‘help’ you use an ATM.
2) Use only an ATM in high traffic areas / CCTV coverage because this makes it more difficult to affix a skimmer.
3) Check the ATM keyboard – it should be flush?
4) Use an ATM with a ‘tongue’ protruding from the card slot?
5) Change your PIN number regularly


Number 3) - but different makes of machine?
Number 4) - but not all makes of machine?


Depart with cash in your pocket and withdraw the cash from inside the bank 
– be prepared (I was a Boy Scout).
OR - try this method

NOT the only type of skimmers in Patong...

Makha Buccha Day - March 7

"The Buddhist holiday of Sangha Day is called Makha Bucha Day in Thailand. It is observed in Thailand on the full moon of the third lunar month, which is usually the end of February or early March. In most other parts of Asia, Buddhist observe Sangha Day about a month later.

Sangha Day commemorates a day when 1,250 monks, all from different places and on their on initiative, spontaneously came to pay homage to the historical Buddha.

In Pali, Makha is the name of the third lunar month, and Bucha means "to venerate." On this day, Thai Buddhists gather at sunset in their local temples to participate in candlelight processions called Wian Tian. Ceremonies express appreciation for the order of monks founded by the Buddha and for the Three Jewels -- the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha."

This text is from About.com - Buddhism.

Win a free App for Bangkok (Competition 6)

I have 2 copies of their Walking tour in Bangkok to give to people who are interested!!
(there is an App for Phuket)

Competition 6 (Something in Phuket):
What am I?

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Phuket Sea Turtle Release (8th March)

photo use with permission from the Phuket Gazette
I hope that we can support the dwindling population of sea turtles in Thailand by focusing on this type of activity.  I do imagine sometimes however that it has very little effect BUT if the message reaches two  people than it is a good thing.

The event will be at the Angsana Laguna beachfront on March the 8th from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm.  The cost of a ticket is 2,000 Baht and all the proceeds will go to the Phuket Marine Biological Centre and the Third Naval Area Command, Royal Thai Navy for their ongoing Conservation Programs.

The Corporate Social Responsibility at Laguna are the people to thank for this...

I know that the Phuket Marine Biological Research station behind Phuket Aquarium does do a lot in trying to breed turtles in captivity and release them to the wild - please visit the aquarium and take a walk behind.

Win a free App for Bangkok (Competition 5)

I have 4 copies of their Walking tour in Bangkok to give to people who are interested!!
(there is an App for Phuket)

Competition 5 (Places in Phuket):
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Phuket News February 2012

Jemma at Xtreme Adventure
Simon Star Cabaret Show
With Bangla Road in Patong and Simon's Cabaret do we need more or is Phuket going or an untapped market?    

More ATM skimmers...

A man dies of a black spider bite
NO MORE stepping on spiders in our house
the hospital "believe that his drinking behaviour was involved"
- did he not share with the spider?

Why are lethal weapons sold at Temple Fairs?
(my thought as well)

Krabi bus stops are a success!
and Phuket buses?

Girlie Spikers with a moral 
spike the man, steal everything BUT bring the passport back

a Patong Tunnel.............

A plethora of hospital runners after they have received treatment
- but an unscheduled cesarean on a resident!!!!

Witness in land probe found hanged - suicide not declared...

Another crash

A big tour bus bursts into flames on a hill in Karon!!!!
4 tourists, 1 driver, l tour-guide, 1 translator on board

Unidentified farang found dead floating near Coral Island
NOT on your tour!

Eat an elephant?
Elephant sashimi anywhere in Phuket?
an elephant penis will sell for more than 30,000 Baht!
BUT this couple are not guilty

Twitter is being looked at by the Thai government and they will censor it
but why was my photobucket collection withheld temporarily

Bangkok police come to sort out Taxi mafia
do all the police have taxi meters to give?

Arrivals and Hotel Occupancy Up
Statistics at school were all a question of choices
do we believe the Airport and Hotel statistics for Phuket?

BUT do all the tourists pay?
Russian Tourist company collapses...
Air Australia airline goes bust...
Who is paying the bill?

But... they are going to increase the airport size 
but... they have not solved the issue of the taxi yet.

Methee Tanmanatragul, adviser from the Thai Hotels Association, noted that the way airport taxi services are currently managed needs changing.

He suggested that Phuket Airport use the model employed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, where taxis queue up, the drivers paying a 50 baht fee.

Taxi mafia stopping hospital pick up
- do hospitals really pay commission???

Andaman Beach Suites Hotel in Patong
no more easy payouts for the robbery claim
AND the goods were stolen from the safe?

Terror alert in Phuket
Our car boot got checked in Tesco's?

Jet-ski Touts defend their turf - 3 unregistered jet-skis are in Phuket
AND they are run by a farang using a Thai as a front man
- "scream...."

Lee Aldhouse fights extradition because
Thai jails breach Article 3 of the Human Rights Convention, which prohibits “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”
NOTE to all would be killers - only kill in countries with this type of jail

Things cost more for farangs than Thai people in Thailand
so this means that you live in Thailand...

Rectal stashing of mobile phones for prisoners
 I liked this comment
"One thing is for sure: I will never, ever buy a secondhand telephone in Phuket!"
and the comments continued - fabulous humour

Stamp out prostitution in Thailand!!!
has anyone told the hotels in Pattaya?
10% + of the industry...