Best Burger in Phuket - Rider Cafe

For me this is the ONLY place to go for a Burger and it certainly is the best Burger that I have had whilst I have lived in Phuket and then I read on TripAdvisor that I am not the only one who thinks this and then there is Jamie.

Rider Cafe is a small restaurant in Phuket Town - see the map below - but the burger I had here I cannot remember the full name but I did have the double bacon burger last time but Jemma ate all my bacon!

There is a great choice of restaurants in Phuket but this is the place for any Burger.

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Baba Wedding Phuket 2014

The BaBa wedding is a very special weekend in Phuket. 

The ladies in Phuket Town get to wear all their finery and parade through the town - the history of this house is best read by looking at the website of the Hongsyok family tree and further information.

Hongsyok House is a very special place to visit at this time and this will be the only opportunity to get a look inside this Private House. 

Wonderful and thank you.

The family of Hongsyok House - currently Mrs Boonsri Hongsyok - open their gates for this ceremony once a year. I may not be the media and wearing a special badge but I was able to have a look but shortly I was asked to leave it. (Should I wear a media something next year?)

On entering into the garden there were a plethora of Thai women of all ages wearing their finery - the Governor of Phuket made an entrance and she was also wearing the traditional clothing.


The ceremonial tea ceremony took place inside whilst I tried to remember to conserve the battery of the camera (I had no spare and was unsure whether it was charged).

Then it all changed - then the brides and their groom left the house to have their photographs in the gardens - these were my favourite shots of this couple.

I left to have a coffee at Tiny coffee (using my App for discount) and then I was amused to see that the Phuket Governor? walked in and had coffee and cake in their finery.

Then I walked into Phuket Town to find the car - Jemma was happy that 'The Walking Street Market - Lard Yai' was also on. I spotted Jamie (with his son John) and two of the bloggers for the #instameethkt last month in eleven two and company - Jamie was off to watch Phuket FC and we were off to Central Festival to the cinema to Train your Dragon 2 and Zen for dinner.

The noise began and the parade started with two policemen on motorbikes followed by some of the Phuket dignitaries in Volkswagon Beetles - I did not understand this but it was fun.

Then the couples paraded past, flowers were thrown and more photographs were taken. The photograph above is of Ann and P'Sampan. 

This year there was more media attention as couples were interviewed in the street.

Three girls were dressed in Northern costume and others dressed in the more traditional Thai dress 

- flowers were thrown and smiles shared.

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Wang Dim Sum, Por Tor Kong, Brown Place, Tai Zhu and Swensens

The day started with being able to get to Jemma on school and watch 'How to Train your Dragon' - it was such a good feat that I decided to have breakfast in a new Dim Sum restaurant.

I chose this one because I was trying to find a restaurant for a guest but was unable to on my blog, excitedly I clicked on a link which came up through Google for a Dim Sum restaurant in Phuket Town - วัง ติ่ม ซำ  Wang Dim Sum first on the App mydestination.  The review will be coming soon...

 The there was a visit to a Por Tor Kong Chinese Shrine which is where I usually visit for the annual Por Tor Ceremony.

Then I wandered away and walked down the road where they are putting the concrete dragons around the pillars. Then past Koh Mor Mooncake Shop - which is currently a small restaurant.

After this I was in need of some coffee and was taken swiftly to a new Cafe - Brown Place - certainly a coffee place to be visited again. Feeling invigorated we went to buy a car, now not driving I took the easy option - tried a few levels of Candy Crush and did not do well.

So it was a visit to the Chinese Shrine Tai Zhu which relaxed me.

The day continued with us trying a water pump cleaner in our garden - I was swiftly relegated - so I watch The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.

It was soon to pick up Jemma from school so off we zipped, picking up some shopping 

and had an ice cream on the way home...

Khanomla - a Thai Local Food

On making a visit to the Wat Chalong Temple Fair I was immediately excited to find that my favourite Roti Sai Mai was for sale here and it was delicious.

I was also introduced to this new one - Khanomla.

This was certainly fascinating to watch. The Chef had a large bowl which seemed to be a mixture of egg yolk and sugar. Hanging above this is a perforated can where the mixture is pouring out. The best way to see what happened next is to watch the video below.

It was certainly a skill and it tasted great! It was only when I saw it here that I found out some information on the web.

Wat Bang Riang, Chedi Phutthathambanlue and Guan Yin Chinese Goddess Statue

Guan-Yin Chinese Godess statue

Wat Bang Riang is a spectacular temple on the top of Khao Lan Hill in Bang Riang province.

Chedi Phutthathambanlue
This is certainly a hilly area and is surrounded by a number of temples, bell-shaped pagoda (Chedi Phutthathambanlue), an enormous Buddha image and a spectacular Guan-Yin Chinese Goddess statue.

The approach to the Chedi is very steep and has two stone snakes either side.

This was the view from the Chedi.

Inside the Chedi the work is wonderful

and outside the craft is kept at a high standard.

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Traditional Phuket food in Phuket - Phuket's Culinary Compass

Phuket's Culinary Compass is something that I came upon quite by accident. I found that this compass was in the Thai Hua Museum. It is a place which I have visited on a number of occasions.

"Overall, the Museum does well in explaining Phuket’s history through many different angles with explanations about the Phuket-China connection, Thai Hua as the first Chinese-language school in Phuket, the Sino-Portuguese buildings on the island and Phuket’s traditional ceremonies, as well as its local cuisine."
(text from

So I made this on Google Maps.

Best manicured beach in Phuket - Nai Yang (หาดในยาง)

"This was the winner!"

I was staying at Naiyang Seaview Place and I left the room to take a couple of photographs of the beach and I was met with this piece of beach!

A piece of beach that is wonderfully taken care of! 
- if we could do this with the rest of the island?

Phuket Happenings - May 2014

Water supply problems over the whole island and then flash floods, a wonderful trip to Koh Yao, then a coup and then facebook crashed! I think that Chiang Mai is worth a visit again. Chiang Rai and an earthquake. An #instagram meet in Phuket Town.

Phuket Park Chief resigns over encroachment pressure 
- are you surprised?
- taxi mafia
- Prime Ministar forced out
- water truck mafia...

Sea Gypsies in Koh Sirey being given land to move to live 
- Is the 'private developer' correct or just, because they are not mentioned in this article OR what the 'private developer' would like to do?

Dredging of the two canals to the big Marina's halted - because of environmental concerns
- happy to know that Phuket cares about the environment
- somebody did not pay enough?
- who should be paying?
dredging has started again despite environmental concerns?
confused? so am I...

Illegal Wedding photographers found in Phuket Town 
- have I met them before?

- don't borrow money is the moral here...

- and the Iguana is taken care of :)?
- and the fine?

Phuket Park Chief resigns over the pressure
- are we getting a new Park Chief every six months?

A Russian tourist attacks and Australian Tourist and knocks his teeth out
strange but true?

Iguana Touts on Soi Bangla 
- guess you can find anything down this street?

First fatality because there were no lifeguards 
- I am sure this happened previously?
- I wonder if the people in the positions feel guilty?

Tesco - 'no plastic bag promotion'
- where will this start?

Please do not build a Patong Tunnel
- I am just not sure - Big Buddha Hill and Central Underpass?

Lifeguard problems with budgets in Phuket  
- just as the seas become rougher
- think that I have read this before?
- the timing of this - i think a change in the contract starting time is needed

but lifeguards are back now

Wat Rong Khun is damaged beyond repair after earthquake aftershock
- a very real shame 
" With the plethora of same same temples in Thailand this unique one gets ruined by an act of god."
 "Is someone up there trying to tell us something?"

Work Permit checks for Dive Industry 
- why this Industry?

Central Festival in Phuket introduces Ladies Only parking
- I guess I will have to jump out upstairs and meet them in Starbucks :)

British Expats living in Thailand may be able to have NHS treatment on visits to the UK
- and have the time changed?
- and have a consultant book with another consultant?
- to wait and then get the appointment changed?
- but my doctor here is great?
- sorry but give me the cash and I will have treatment here :)

ATM skimming is a problem for tourists 
- so don't use the ATM outside, organise yourself and do not get money for Absolute

Out-in Visa Run is dead 
- this is not against tourists but people who are working here illegally?
- so I am told