A Modern Dating Horror Story

This is funny - thank you Comic Relief 

Do you recognise any of this?

Bangkok 101 - October

After having been in Australia recently I have missed some of the activities in this months Bangkok 101 issue BUT the Coffee selection is wonderful.

Then my daughter wants to visit a one of the Quirky Cafe

Bangkok 101 - always a good buy.

Thailand360 - App for your holiday

Where can I get a fab 360 degree photo in Thailand?


Thailand 360

An App that takes you around Thailand and allows you to have a view of a number of places which a 360 degree view.

So where in Phuket was there?

Wat Chalong was always a pleasure to visit.
Then Bangkok gave me more opportunities - the Giant Swing was fascinating...
Cost: Free
Ease of use: very simple...
Comment: wonderful - but i am lucky to live in Bangkok already

The Khlongs in Bangkok

I am taking the River Taxi everyday and I did not think that I would see this. This was from the Witthayu Bridge on the way to lunch at the Vanich building.

What do you think?

Spirit Houses in Bangkok

Spirit Houses have always been a particular piece of Thailand that I have enjoyed seeing scattered everywhere - with a focus on placing under Bodhi Trees. I enjoyed spotting Sprit Houses when I lived in Phuket. 

There was an enormous Spirit House by the side of the road near where I work in Bangkok - but then it was not there the next day.  

It was a very public spot but it was clear that some people took care of it and new additions were made on a regular occasion.

I only hope that it has been taken to a Spirit House Graveyard or has a new home? There is a wonderful piece written by Marisa

You can find spirit house graveyards all over the Thailand. They pile up near railroad tracks, in Buddhist temples, on windy roads and in the middle of busy intersections -- always under a large tree, especially Bodhi trees. Thais believe that different species of trees have different spirits. The Bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa) is the tree the Buddha chose to sit under when he became enlightened and is considered to have an angel spirit inside called a thewaada. These powerful angels are believed to console and contain the displaced souls that gather around abandoned spirit houses.
(text is from Spirit House Connection)

They started to build on the land - but the area was preserved - then it was gone - a shame but maybe it has gone somewhere? 

I understand that there is a specific way to 'move / dispose' of a Spirit House - but this isn't true?

On the Table - restaurant in Bangkok

There are a number of OntheTables in Bangkok and we are usually happy when we go there. The company is actually recognized as OnthetableTokyoCafe

We have visited here more often now that we have visited the outlet here and elsewhere in Bangkok. They have an interesting philosophy -

"Consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quiaony on numquam eius modi tempora incidunt, ut laboret dolore agnam aliquam quaeratine voluptatem. ut enim ad minima veniamting suscipit lab"

I have no idea what this is or why the company chose it?

Anyway - the food clearly has a Japanese influence - there are Western style salads served with wasabi and they were wonderful. 

It was very busy at lunchtime...Then there were some gyoza wrapped in bacon - delicious. 

The chunky potatoes were tasty as well...

Then there was a pork chop - tasty...

The mango smoothy was very nice.

Then it was time for pudding...

Phone Number: 02 658 5599
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Ploenchit Rd
Hours: 11am - 10pm

Going for a bicycle ride

Going for a bicycle ride to Paseo Town means that we had to cross the road but instead of going over the bridge we went under!

This was certainly not the easiest trip. There was a khlong traveling underneath the road and we took it.

We were not quite sure who would have the 'right if way we met anybody coming towards us when we we traveling.

But it did mean that we got there quickly and it was quite scenic.

I might need to investigate the walkway along the khlong next time?

# days in October

This is getting a bit over the top - I did agree with doughnut day - but I am not sure with all the rest of them. But what the heck - have some fun...

Mooncakes in Bangkok

On having lunch at the Siam Paragon I was reminded that it was the Mooncake Festival.

After looking through all the fliers and reading where to buy a Mooncake in Bangkok I chose to go to  W Bangkok for a peanut butter mooncake and a pot of tea. But I was too late - I had no time...

So I was surprised to see a stand from the W Bangkok at Snapbox in the Park Ventures where I had lunch!

I had to try a peanut butter one - especially as my last exploration into mooncakes in Phuket did not have good results.

Wonderful - I purchased one to take home and share.

Alex Face in Bangkok

I have seen a number of Alex Face in Bangkok

This was beside the river

Behind a Shopping Mall

Not sure about these two - I would have to look at FourSquare...

But this was a pretty cool one on a boat - follow Alex Face on Instagram


Bangkok Art and Culture Center - things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok Art and Culture Center (BACC) was a place that I walked past when I was visiting somewhere else - not that I can remember where at this time though...

Here is some background of the property on the website - but could find nothing mentioned about the hiccup mentioned in the App I was using - Bangkok City Walks.

It was quite a surprise as I came upon it - on the crossroads which I was trying to traverse and I went up to take a photo of the street graffiti by Alex Face. So on entering I did not know quite what to expect and wow - it was almost like I was in a Design museum in the UK.

After looking at the design of the museum on the Website I only think I did 50% because I was so busy going somewhere else. I had a wonderful time - I will certainly have to go back again. So what do I recall of my quick visit?

The mask exhibition was my favorite - the colors and the vibrancy were wonderful here. I could have stayed in here for much, much longer...

Then there was the great number of little shops for you to buy something in - all very interesting.

Book Shops

Ice Cream Shops

and so much more...

Then there were a number of more displays along the circular corridor around the levels in the building - but I think that I only managed 4 levels?