Love, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Love by John Lennon and the Plastic One Band was the track that helped me make it through New Year...

now the debris from New Year is quietly settling and all the photographs are waiting for me to sort - here are a few

Quadcopters, Phuket and the Andaman Sea

The furore of the New Year has begun to subside so I thought I would have a play with the Quadcopter.

Wow - it worked - i went to Nai Harn beach and I could hover the Quadcopter and now I was able to rotate it - this was a very real result.

Too many people so I chose to try another beach... Sirinart National Park.

This was magnificent, the water was a little rough but I was on the sand. I remembered my #Quadcopter lessons on twitter and found some broken cement for a flat surface and 


up it flew - fabulous, i was on a wave and it went high above the trees.....

and a gust of wind tossed it sideways and it rotated in midair - obviously my controls did not work OR it was upside down? It kept going to the wrong way....

Stop everything... The Quadcopter plummeted into the Sea...

Running into the water I picked it out as swiftly as possible....

Returning to the car the phone worked and the Quadcopter still responded....

BUT then the copter blades (1 set) began to rotate after a phone call was received?

Then my phone did not work... oh dear... watch this space.

Hand guns and killing

The amount of killings that I read about by a gun is getting worse.

There should be more regulation with the ownership of guns 
- then I see this poster - where is Thailand on this list?


Maps - Buddhist Wats in Phuket

There are a great many Buddhist Wats in Phuket To visit (and the rest of Thailand) - here are some of them. More maps of Phuket can be found on Google or here.

Guess Who? and much more

Guess Who Aliens!

This is a fabulous game which I have played any number of times - recently finding an App for it as well!! It has served me well both as a teacher, a parent and just for fun - it serves wonderfully as a tool for Education that it is a shame that it is under used - but enough!


Stand on Sand

Protect our Coral Reefs...

Sea Walking on Coral Island?
DO NOT participate.

Was it worth it?