NOT sitting on aeroplane disrupts Afghan man's deportation

After watching this I am still unsure as to the role of the Judge, Jury and Executioner?

Read the comments:

I read that it doesn't matter an they immigrant is on the plane tomorrow and the activist' will be imprisoned and receive a 'NO FLY' passport - 
However, Swedish authorities have since said the Afghan man will still be deported, although a date has not been set. 
They also claim the activist could face up to six months in prison for refusing to obey police orders.
Let's see what happens...

Making 3D cookies and more

We recently had a wonderful weekend - making cookies - lots of shapes and sizes.

Even 3 Dimensional ones...

Network - prophetic

Sidney Lumet is a genius and prophet!

"Television seduces, entertains, divides, desensitizes, and corrupts not just kids but adults as well. It's gotten so bad over the years it's like some kind of a disease now. Most people believe everything they see, read, and hear." - from an IMDB review.

I wonder what the film would be like if they made it today?

Walking Routes in Bangkok - John Bush and more

Stop 1: Wat Suan Phlu - a small Wat, with a small reclining Buddha, lovely, a stop with making if you are in the area

Stop 2: Embassy of France 

Stop 3: Old Custom House - this is an amazing place, certainly an interesting place steeped in history, I wonder what will happen to it...

Stop 4: Haroon Mosque - a pocket of Muslim community and small surrounding neighbourhood 

Stop 5: Harmonique - a small Chinese restaurant in an old house, went in for a coffee, so that's all I can add - very popular with tourists and certainly photogenic 

Stop 6: Wat Muang Kae - a small Wat, next to a school but between tall skyscrapers and more

Stop 7: Street Art - a collection of popular street art along the wall 

Stop 8: Warehouse 30 - a collection of old Japanese warehouses now a set of trendy shops, art collections and more

Stop 9: House No.1 - a classical mansion on the vintage Captain Bush Lane, open for special events

Stop 10: Si Phraya Express Boat Pier - this is where you can get a boat on the Chao Phraya River, it's always worth getting it once

Walking Route One in Bangkok - Yaowarat.
Walking Route Two in Bangkok - Nang Leong.
Walking Route Three in Bangkok - Thonburi.
Walking Route in Bangkok - Bangkok Dolls and more.
Walking Route Five in Bangkok - Rattanoskin and more.

Bangkok development?

Sometimes your favourite restaurant for lunch is taken away 
- this was Embassy Park Plaza!

Do you think they will make another shopping mall?

We need more of them in Bangkok (sic).

Bangkok 101 - July

What can you do if you are visiting Bangkok?

One of the best things to read is Bangkok101 -

Amongst other things it tells you what is happening this month -

The edition this month focuses on Organic Food in Thailand.

Boycott Starbucks

Well their coffee is the most expensive in town as well...


What’s that smelly fruit called?

Durian – I have no idea why people eat this fruit – I think it is revolting BUT so many of my friends eat it and tell me that it’s wonderful.

Every so often on my trips to Chantaburi  (my friend lives there) I am asked to bring some Durian back with me – it is at Chantaburi that the World Durian Festival in May is held.  

The Durian is a formidable looking fruit, (maybe a natural warning?) and the fruit is housed inside a skin of hardened spikes – which are certainly dangerous if it falls out of a tree and you are standing underneath.

The Durian housing is carefully split and the fruit emerges with a very distinctive smell (and taste) that reminds me of dirty socks. So the Durian always reaches my friend untouched and I never want any.

But I suggest that you try it because you might like it?

Look who else likes it...

Time for some stone painting

If in doubt find something around you to be creative?

Last Sunday we had a group of local children paint some stones and put them together.

We had great fun

July - You know you have lived in Thailand when.....

The motorbike taxi driver hands you a helmet and you put it ON!

After moving to Bangkok I have become aware of things which are now normal to me because I live here – and subsequently a facebook site about this 
“You Know You've Lived In Thailand when.....” –   

So once a month I will contribute to this.