GPS and more in Phuket Town

I needed to pop into Bangkok International Hospital in the early morning and fancied a coffee - I had visited a number of them so I chose to have a wander down a couple of streets which I had not been down before.

I was too early - the coffee shops were closed. 

As I progressed I did see a shop selling 'Bird's Nest' and I do not understand why people purchase this item?

Then there was a small boutiques hotel and coffee shop - but they hadn't finished building it - so i will have to visit here again...

Then there was a little bit of joy for me - 'Monkey Tea' was open... jumped on the free WiFi and read a book...

The next time stop was at a 'fun shop' called Pink Pvssy - always fun and reasonably priced.

Then it was time for a coffee at 'Starbucks' at Tesco...

This was the GPS map I tried to follow...

Maps - Sapan Hin in Phuket

Sapan Hin is a wonderful place to visit in Phuket - full of interest and an opportunity to see the local Thai people relax in their own community - wonderful.

See the map on Google or the blog.

Toilets and foursquare

What is the link between foursquare and toilets?

For many of my readers about Apps (timinphuket-Apps) many will know that I quite like foursquare. Then as I am waiting for my bill to be prepared, as I check in on foursquare I scroll through the comments for Central Embassy in Bangkok...

Is there a reason to take photographs of toilets?

If this was an App specifically about toilets then I would understand it - do you?

GPS My City - App for Phuket

What is there to see in Phuket Old Town?

This offers you a look at beautiful Chinese Shrines and Buddhist Wats, as well as a taste of trading of Buddhist amulets and mixing of Chinese traditional herbs. Chinese Phuketian Culture, the original Post Office, the first hotel – and much, much more.This guide works offline, hence NO Internet Connection is necessary, nor the costly roaming charges when traveling to foreign cities. This guide can be downloaded via the Free City Maps and Walks iPhone app.

Okay so I personally wrote this one so of course I would be including it here...

But make up your own mind... download the lite and then upgrade if you want more...

Now you are able to book a hotel on our walking trip - integrate the whole trip.

Cost: App is Free - Phuket Walk (lite) free - full version $2.99
Ease of use: simple 
Comment: but do you need more than the lite version?


Restaurants in Phuket - Baan Sattabun

This was certainly somewhere which we had not visited previously.  As we drove up the windy road which drove through a small village I began to get the feeling that we were going the wrong way - we were - so we turned around and headed up the other way.

I got the same feeling all over again!

We passed a place called Villa Zolitude - and kept going....

As we drove further we passed a small shop front which was almost hidden - we had arrived! A diamond in the rough - Baan Sattabun - wow what an impressive view (described as 180) but was over a great expanse. The view is not that dissimilar to that at Rang Hill but there is something special to this placement - maybe it is the fact that we could see the lights along the Promenade of restaurants in Chalong or the glow of Big Buddha...

Then the weather exploded on us!

This was not a trouble for the staff because we were the only people! We moved out of the rain and then ordered what we decided to eat.

The choice was enormous and I have to admit I do not order very much - Chuen (my wife) does it all for me and what a pleasure we had...

The fried rice for my daughter was pleasant and the Penang Curry that I wanted was 'hot - a good example that the kitchen knows what it is cooking.

The prices were reasonable but I did feel that the view was what really made the restaurant and without it (after 6) it was simply a pleasant restaurant!

Deep fried pork ribs with Kaffir Lime leaves - this was not for me because the bones were still there and to be eaten - no thank you.  The Tom Yam Goong was surprisingly bland, the fresh squid in lemon sauce was divine, the whole prawns in Tamarind sauce was good but not sweet enough for me - the best (for me) is Chaiyo Seafood.

So next time we are going to arrive earlier.


Phone Number: 076 544 488
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: 56/29 หมู่ 5 ถนนเจ้าฟ้า, ต.ฉลอง, อ.เมืองภูเก็ต, ภูเก็ต 
Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

Songkran in Phuket 2015

Songkran always starts for me with a visit to a Wat - Wat Thepnimit is the one that we go to with Cape Panwa Hotel each year.

The local people are very welcoming to us and immediately we were shown where to stand and we placed our gifts. After this we went into the Wat with our candles, joss sticks, gold leaf and our water.

Lighting the candles and placing the gold leaf on the statue is always a pleasure of mine.

Then it was time to purchase water guns for everybody and I never knew that there were so many - we went to ธดาพร ของเลน the best Toy Shop in Phuket.

 After this it was time for the road trip back...

We all had a lot of fun.

Happy Songkran.

Things to do in Phuket - Thai-Hua Museum.

Phuket Thai Hua Museum is a relatively new construction and if you are interested n the development and History of Phuket this is a must to visit.

There are a number or rooms and the list is best investigated on their website.

  4) Patronage
  5) Looking back
  6) The Chinese of Phuket

  7) The Tin-Mining Era 

  8) Attire

 10) The Chinese School
 12) Precious Heritage      

 13) The Phuket Cuisine
 14) Lox Xian Kok  

What a fabulous place - I could not spend enough time here to take in all of the information which is provided.

My favourite was the information about the food is particular to Phuket - definitely  worth a wander through Phuket Town looking for the Local stalls.


Tripadvisornot popular
Phone Number: 076 211 224
Approximate Price: 200 Baht
Address: 28 Krabi Rd, Phuket Town
Hours: Daily, 9am - 5pm

Songkran, Thailand, Date, Times and Locations

Are you in Thailand now?

If so, you’re in for a big surprise and buy a massive super soaker. From April 13 – 15 is the Thai celebration of New Year, Songkran – an event that marks the beginning of the solar calendar (it translates as ‘the passing of’). For some, it’s a period of reflection and carrying out of familial by showing respect to elders. But for others (in fact for most people) it’s a perfect excuse to get merry, hit the streets and throw tons of water around at anything that moves.

Traditionally speaking, Songkran tradition was the time of year when the rice harvest was in and farmers had to wait for the rains to begin in order to plant their rice. This would be the driest point of each year so it would seem sort of illogical to waste water by pouring it over elders’ hands but amazingly, gradually over the years Songkran has developed into an orgy of water throwing using buckets and water guns.

Thailand Luxe SERIOUS WARNING: Be very careful if you're on the roads. Last year 2500 people were injured and over 200 died on the roads during the festival

Khao San Road, Bangkok, 13-15 April 2015, 10.00-23.00 hrs.

Silom Road, Bangkok, 13-15 April 2015, 10.00-00.00 hrs.

Around the City Moat, Chiang Mai, 11-16 April 2015, 09.00-22.00 hrs.

Pattaya (North, Central and South Beach), Lan Bodhi Park Na Kluea and Chon Buri, 11-20 April 2015, 09.00-00.00 hrs.

Khao Nieo Road, Khon Kaen, 13-15 April 2015, 10.00-20.30 hrs.

Patong Beach, Phuket, 12-13 April 2015, 10.00-22.00 hrs.

Hat Yai Midnight Songkran at Nipat Uthit 3 Road, Sanehanusorn Road and Wat

Mahatta, 11-15 April 2015, 10.00-23.00 hrs.
Songkran Ko Samui (Chaweng Beach), 13 April 2015, 08.00 – 20.00 hrs.

Text is from - / Thailand Luxe

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TiminPhuket - Instagapage

Thought I would have a go a this - it seemed simpler than I remember it to be...
I don't think that I will do much more though.

BUT I might have another look at it...

The Butterfly Garden and Insect World closes

Image from The Phuket News

We have taken our daughter here since she was able to walk.

I do not know how many times - here's the blogs.

I remember first meeting Jamie on a Butterfly Release in the Protected Areas North of Phuket Island.

Then there were a subsequent number of Butterfly releases - and always full of smiles and laughter.

Thank you to Phuket Butterfly Garden.