Restaurants in Phuket - Baan Sattabun

This was certainly somewhere which we had not visited previously.  As we drove up the windy road which drove through a small village I began to get the feeling that we were going the wrong way - we were - so we turned around and headed up the other way.

I got the same feeling all over again!

We passed a place called Villa Zolitude - and kept going....

As we drove further we passed a small shop front which was almost hidden - we had arrived! A diamond in the rough - Baan Sattabun - wow what an impressive view (described as 180) but was over a great expanse. The view is not that dissimilar to that at Rang Hill but there is something special to this placement - maybe it is the fact that we could see the lights along the Promenade of restaurants in Chalong or the glow of Big Buddha...

Then the weather exploded on us!

This was not a trouble for the staff because we were the only people! We moved out of the rain and then ordered what we decided to eat.

The choice was enormous and I have to admit I do not order very much - Chuen (my wife) does it all for me and what a pleasure we had...

The fried rice for my daughter was pleasant and the Penang Curry that I wanted was 'hot - a good example that the kitchen knows what it is cooking.

The prices were reasonable but I did feel that the view was what really made the restaurant and without it (after 6) it was simply a pleasant restaurant!

Deep fried pork ribs with Kaffir Lime leaves - this was not for me because the bones were still there and to be eaten - no thank you.  The Tom Yam Goong was surprisingly bland, the fresh squid in lemon sauce was divine, the whole prawns in Tamarind sauce was good but not sweet enough for me - the best (for me) is Chaiyo Seafood.

So next time we are going to arrive earlier.


Phone Number: 076 544 488
Approximate price: $$$$$ 
Address: 56/29 หมู่ 5 ถนนเจ้าฟ้า, ต.ฉลอง, อ.เมืองภูเก็ต, ภูเก็ต 
Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

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