Visit a Local Market in the morning

A morning visit to a Local Market is something which I always have to be organised for.

I always have breakfast because if go hungry I simply feel worse for it - going for breakfast in the Local Market is a different event. 

This is the Local Market along Ranong Road in the heart of Phuket Old Town.

Today I chose to watch the people and take photographs in B&W.

What do you think?


Riding a motorbike

What were you expecting?

I have to say I do not think that you should rent a motorbike if you do not ride a motorbike.

Just look at the snapshots of a day in Bangkok!
Everywhere and waving in and out of the traffic.

Don't forget to watch out on the pavement.

But then again you could be on the back of the motorbike going the wrong way?

Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek 2016

Tuesday the 19th of July.

The boats taking part in Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek began to arrive off the coast.

It is always a wonderful site.

Wednesday 20th July.

Then more began to arrive...

Because there was a party...

Then the racing began and the boats were on the water.

Then time for a party

Then there was time for some waiting...

But some races were run - but it was a night off from the parties...

There were some difficult races - wind but changing...

But the party was a lot of fun

So we played a game of volleyball with some members of the Thai National Team.

There was very little racing today and the party made up for it...

It is a very social event and it was fun to be part of it.

Elephant Riding...

Image courtesy of Instagram and Tourism Thailand

We have read about the Dolphins and the cruelty, I have written how terrible Phuket Zoo, I have cuddled a tiger and I have been elephant riding.

But I was not prepared for the comments on the post by Tourism Thailand of someone riding an elephant..

  • mrsprincekyuIf they had bullhooks, which I suspect they did looking at that elephant's head then I would not call that a "respected environment".
  • mrsprincekyu@csanchiz yup just a quick Google search of this "camp" pulls up pictures of the Mahouts with bull hooks and tugging the elephants around by their ears. This is not a respectful place for the elephant and I don't know how you could call the responsible tourism when there are other sanctuaries nearby where the elephants are not treated like this.

  • A wedding that I was involved...
Next time have a look at the elephant carefully - this includes me as well.

Beach tips in the Rainy Season

Not a lot more to add but I would add a few things

 Trick 1) Never believe a weather forecast.
 Trick 3) Not sure about a hair dryer and finding a plug (leave at hotel?).
 Trick 5) Check your vehicle even if it isn't Rainy Season.
 Trick 6) That's is a lot and when it is dry?

Cotton trees in Thailand

Cotton trees are something which I have only seen when we drove off Phuket Island 

to Loyung Temple on the way to Phang Nga.

So what is a cotton tree? Well looking on the Internet I found very little because I kept reading about the red cotton tree - Bombay Ceiba but I did find something about the cotton tree in South East Aisa.

This was on the side of the road - Jemma had fun with the cotton.

Chuen bought something else but when I was writing this I have forgotten what it was! 

I have no idea what was being made on the floor in front - all I can think of is cigarette paper?

I enjoy living here...

The best deep fried pork - ซินซิน บะหมี่เบตง

The best deep fried pork in Phuket Town - ซินซิน บะหมี่เบตง

GT 200 - guilty...

image from yahoo

This was a story which surfaced a while ago and I posted about it here. Then to find out that it was all wrong and the company in the UK was closed and the owners jailed...

What happens next in Thailand....

Phuket Street Art - a collection of artists

Phuket Street Art has been something which has been happening all year in Phuket Old Town.

Starting as simple Street Art, as the one that was indicated here - starting in January 2016 - getting bigger each time I passed here - these are the collection which is here now.

Then it got a little bigger with Alex Face painting graffiti on the side of the old Standard Charted Bank which subsequently had to be removed by the painter...

Which led to a plethora of other examples all over Phuket which I have yet to see but the Street Art which I have previously previously blogged about.

There may be more of this by the time that this is posted.

But there is not a lot more room left...

Let's hope so - thank you to you all'

25 things to do in Phuket (eOAsia - Travel Blog)

John Gray Sea Canoe and Phuket Heritage Trails are the two things that I always recommend that you should do - but here's an interesting list.

 - not done this, but been to X Treme Adventure Park.

2: Kayak tour in Phang Nga - John Gray Sea Canoe
 - fabulous

3: Baba Nest at Sri Panwa
 - been here, for the sunset

4: Blue Elephant - Royal Thai Cuisine + Cooking Class

5: Speedboat Excursion to Koh Ph Phi
 - not for a long time

 - not something for me

7: Parameter Trial Flight
 - tried to do this but the wind conditions would not let me

9: Mom Tri's Kitchen at Villa Royale, Kata Noi
 - delicious, we spent our Honeymoon here

10: Catch Beach Club (closed)
 - not something for me

11: Helicopter Tour over Phang Nga Bay
 - expensive...

 - not been here

 - love to visit here on a Sunday

14: Muay Thai classes (Beginners to Intermediate)

15: Steam bath and Traditional Massage
 - not tried this

 - would like to try this

 - am I getting old, this does not interest me...

 - yes I am old...

19: Cooking classes in Kata
 - looks like a good one?

20: Get started with Diving on World Class Diving Spots
 - not for me, but popular with many

21: Wat Chalong (Chalong Temple) 
 - wonderful, a must

22: The Big Buddha
 - another place you must visit

23: Secret and less touristy beaches 
 - but if they share this with you the beach no longer would be

 - a bit of fun

 - lovely...

Here are more things to do in Phuket.