Wat Saman Rattanaram, Lord Ganesha Temple and more

Wat Saman Rattanaram is somewhere interesting we visited on our trip to ChachoengsaoIt is usually recognised by the gigantic pink statue of the Elephant (a Hindu Deity embraced by Buddhism) and there are a plethora of other things which you can see.

The mouse is at the bottom and people are sharing their wishes with them!

Then there is the floating lotus shaped building.

Very large sculptures traditional to the Chinese Shrine.

The car park has an enormous symbolic stone at the front which is the same as the one on Phuket - Wat Koh Sirey linked to Burma.

I wonder why there was a cow walking through the area...

There was also a room devoted to Chinese Temple gods.

We found a Cafe Amazon - always very nice and cheap - and near here is what looks like an original temple?

Strangely I found very little about this attraction on the Internet (which was in English) but if I was near here then I would certainly suggest visiting here. But here's some information from Richard Barrow.

Phone Number: 081 983 0400
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address: Thanon O Bo To Chachoengao 24000  

Fourth Term being a teacher again.

The start of a New Year - and the flags are flying outside the school.

 It was time for Pirate's Week

Roald Dahl Day

International Space Week.

Then the fun of Halloween.

Remembrance Day.

We tried to grow some plants...

We made lots of things for Thanksgiving - the Dreamcatchers were very popular.

The playground was finished, then there was Sports Day.

And then there was Christmas...

Amorn Lake Front

Amorn Lake Front was another restaurant amongst a great many in the Sammakorn area near where we live.

The first thing is that it is in a beautiful spot around the lake - especially as there was a nice sunset whilst we were there.

The food is quite good as well - possibly a good place to make a good impression?

Phone Number: 096 945 6462
Approximate Price: $$$$$
Address:  Soi Ramkhamhaeng 112, 10240
Hours: 11am - 12pm


How's the water from the tap in Thailand?


FaucetSafe is a worldwide guide on where you can and shouldn’t drink the local tap water, that is updated in realtime. The information is compiled from multiple sources and FaucetSafe also has a comment system where locals and travelers alike can add further detail. Water potability often varies in small geographic areas (e.g. within cities) so FaucetSafe is designed to be a guide to where you can and can’t drink the water – both to save you costs as well as reduce the amount of plastic consumed by every traveler (in the form of water bottles). The information contained in FaucetSafe works offline and is updated with the latest water drinkability information when you have an Internet connection.

This is simply an App to tell you what you may already know - I cannot speak for the level of understanding across the other countries outside of Thailand though

Cost: $1.99
Ease of use: simple
Comment: don't drink the tap water in Thailand

For more reviewed Apps please click here - https://timinphuket-travelapps.blogspot.com  

An early morning walk

It was time to go to school early because there was a Sports Day but it wasn't at school it was at RPK Badminton.

So out early to avoid the traffic and get a motorbike - but they were not there - so I wondered onto the main road... and decided to walk there.

And this is what I saw.

Some new street art down a side road near our home.

Then down a side pavement alongside a khlong - it was no for another mile that I wondered about dogs being asleep on the way - but I hoped that it might have been too early or too cold...

But there were birds watching me...

There were small wats at the back of some of the houses and then there was one special tree on the other side - Thailand is certainly a fascinating place...

Then there were places that were used for people to relax - I was to early to see them doing nothing though...

Then time for the Sports Day...

Followed with a lovely cappuccino from ช่างชง

close to where we were. It was only a 5.9km walk...